Criminal Minds, Season 9

Criminal Minds, Season 9

Criminal Minds

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2013-09-25
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 25
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 24.99
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Season 9 of Criminal Minds starts with the hunt for a methodical killer that takes the BAU to Arizona to search for an increasingly devolving UnSub, with speculations that the UnSub's ritualistic behavior is rooted in religion. The case leads them to a suspect that sheds light on a bizarre connection within the UnSub's family, which could ultimately lead them to finally capture the real suspect. Meanwhile, the team speculates that Hatch is in the running to be the new BAU unit chief. Guest stars for this season include Camryn Manheim, Fred Koehler, model Eva LaRue and more. And, Paget Brewster returns for the milestone 200th episode as we finally learn what "JJ" was up to when she was away from the team for a year. Season 9 also features the directorial debut of series star Joe Mantegna ("The Road Home").


Title Time Price
1 The Inspiration 41:48 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
2 The Inspired 42:23 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
3 Final Shot 42:17 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
4 To Bear Witness 41:27 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
5 Route 66 42:14 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
6 In the Blood 41:33 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
7 Gatekeeper 41:11 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
8 The Return 41:17 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
9 Strange Fruit 44:04 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
10 The Caller 43:11 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
11 Bully 41:56 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
12 The Black Queen 42:44 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
13 The Road Home 44:03 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
14 200 42:19 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
15 Mr. & Mrs. Anderson 41:48 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
16 Gabby 43:45 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
17 Persuasion 43:39 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
18 Rabid 42:40 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
19 The Edge of Winter 43:54 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
20 Blood Relations 44:11 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
21 What Happens In Mecklinburg… 42:05 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
22 Fatal 43:06 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
23 Angels 42:09 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
24 Demons 42:49 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
25 Behind the Scenes: 200th Episode 02:58 Just Season Buy iTunes


  • Love it!!!!!!👍👍😃

    By Ping-pong😃
    Love this show!!!
  • My Favorite Show!!

    By Love_Dr.Reid
    This is by far my favorite show ever! I love every character up until season 8. I don’t like Blake as much because she can never replace Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster). My favorite character is Dr. Spencer Reid. My favorite season is 6, then 2, 7, 8, 5, 1, 4, 3 in that order. I would put 9 as first but i can’t because it’s not over yet! I don’t think i will be able to wait until September again for season 10! As you can probably tell I’m obsessed with this show! I love it!!
  • Love it!!

    By Y0b0y11176
    I LOVE!! This show!! But I really miss Paget Brewster.
  • new season

    By bhoze
    This season is fairly good. Garcia's character added another layer in the hacker episode. Hope many more seasons happen to further develop Blake's and even Reed's character.
  • My favorite show!!!

    By JLMlulu
    Always holds my interest... Hope it stays on the air:)
  • Crimean minds

    By Lu Frazier
    This is a awesome show! I've seen every show several times cuz I never get tired of it . It's 100% in my book ! The stories they come up with? Well I'd love to meet that mind that dreams them up all the time? "What do you dream of when you go to dream land"? "Great job guys"!
  • first review ever

    By sitalnas
    it’s my first time writing a review on a website EVER, first review period, thats how good the show is, and that’s how much I love it, I do miss Emily Prentiss that’s for sure, and don’t think Alex Blake is as good :( but the show is still as strong as it started one of the best written shows in years, and it still keeps the viewer at the edge of their seat.
  • Addicited!!

    By gmike26
    I love this show. Just started watching this show a few months ago! I watched all the episodes, from episode 1 Season 1 to, finally Season 9. I’m almost caught up. I love everything about this show.
  • Love CM

    By Home Enforcer
    I've been a fan of this show since the very first episode. And I've grown to like all the characters from past seasons to this newest season. JJ by far is my favorite character. I remember when it seemed like her character would be taken off the show, I so broken hearted. And grateful when she returned. I love the banter between Morgan and Garcia. And the show just wouldn't be the same without Spencer and Hodges. So this season is my favorite by far!
  • Heres the Criminal Minds We Know and Love

    By jimmybuffet1
    Honestly, I felt that introducing a new character kind of made the last season different. You know, they made Blake a main focus in most of the episodes. Which is understandable, since they have to develop the character. But now you know everyone on the team. So now it's like seasons 4-7. You know their back stories. You know their personalities.