Afro Samurai, Season 2

Afro Samurai, Season 2

Afro Samurai

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release: 2009-02-02
  • Rate: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
From 156 Certification


Afro Samurai (Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson) avenged his father and found a life of peace. But the legendary master is forced back into the game by a beautiful and deadly woman from his past. The sparks of violence dropped along Afro’s bloody path now burn out of control — and nowhere are the flames of hatred more intense than in the eyes of Sio (Lucy Liu, Kill Bill). She won’t quit until Afro is schooled in the brutal lessons he dealt those who stood in his way. There’s no such thing as final vengeance. The cycle of bloodshed spinning around the Number One Headband must roll on. Featuring the voice of Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and fresh production from The RZA (Wu-Tang Clan), the saga that began in the best-selling anime DVD of 2007 continues in Afro Samurai: Resurrection.


Title Time Price
1 Afro Samurai: Resurrection 1:40:48 Just Season Buy iTunes


  • OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!

    By poopsy duffus
    this movie kicks the crap out of the mini series, and you can basically call this movie kill bill volume 3 since it has nonstop sword fights lol, afro samurai: resurrection is loaded with crazy sword fights and loaded with extreme gore and this is the second best animated flick I've ever seen
  • No HD version?

    By Prometheus88
    Great show but HD version would be much more worthy and appreciated!
  • Holly *******

    By Rick keep righting
    Bad ***
  • Brilliant.

    By Stabmaster67
    Probably ranked among the most over the top violent shows in my list, yet it is entertaining. I know this kind of petty, but I wish the movie came in HD.
  • Amazing

    By Jumbo212
  • Amazing words cant explain

    By Deathand8
    Just buy it

    By Landin's friend
    Best movie ever. Buy it. they could sell it for $20 and I would still buy it.
  • Best movie ever

    By Afro fan
    This was a awsome exciting movie!
  • Thank You!

    By Big Skinny
    This is potentially the greatest piece of animated work I've ever seen. The story fits perfectly from where the first season dropped off and still leaves speculation for the story to be taken farther. My only regret in watching this is that it came to an end. i dreaded the counting down on the play clock at the top of my screen as it got closer and closer to zero. Please bless us all with more of this. I'm waiting patiently,

    By Dafted Punk
    An awsome continuation of the first season, which I must say is equally amazing. Trust me, if you life blood, gore, violence, and the occasional... well, you'll get to that. Anyways, if you love afros, and love japan, and preferable if you've already watched the first season, then you'll love the second season of "AFRO SAMURAI"!