Titans: Seasons 1-2

Titans: Seasons 1-2


  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release: 2020-09-06
  • Episodes: 36
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 24.99
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This gritty take on classic Teen Titans characters follows a team of soon-to-be Super Heroes. In Season One, Detective Dick Grayson/Robin emerges from the shadows of his traumatic past when he crosses paths with Rachel Roth/Raven, a teen possessed by a strange darkness. When they become entangled in a conspiracy that could spark Hell on Earth, they are joined by the mysterious Kory Anders/Starfire and loveable Gar Logan/Beast Boy. In Season Two, the Titans reteam with Hank Hall/Hawk, Dawn Granger/Dove, Jason Todd/Robin and Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, who have attempted to transition into regular lives. But when old enemies resurface, everyone must come together to take care of unfinished business. As the old and new Titans – including Conner Kent/Superboy and Rose Wilson/Ravager – learn to coexist, the arrival of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke brings to light the sins of the past, threatening to tear apart the Titans family once more.


Title Time Price
1 Season 1, Episode 1: Titans 50:44 Just Season Buy iTunes
2 Season 1, Episode 2: Hawk and Dove 44:00 Just Season Buy iTunes
3 Season 1, Episode 3: Origins 54:35 Just Season Buy iTunes
4 Season 1, Episode 4: Doom Patrol 44:46 Just Season Buy iTunes
5 Season 1, Episode 5: Together 40:31 Just Season Buy iTunes
6 Season 1, Episode 6: Jason Todd 46:55 Just Season Buy iTunes
7 Season 1, Episode 7: The Asylum 46:31 Just Season Buy iTunes
8 Season 1, Episode 8: Donna Troy 42:52 Just Season Buy iTunes
9 Season 1, Episode 9: Hank and Dawn 46:31 Just Season Buy iTunes
10 Season 1, Episode 10: Koriand'r 40:52 Just Season Buy iTunes
11 Season 1, Episode 11: Dick Grayson 43:12 Just Season Buy iTunes
12 Season 2, Episode 1: Trigon 52:27 Just Season Buy iTunes
13 Season 2, Episode 2: Rose 40:56 Just Season Buy iTunes
14 Season 2, Episode 3: Ghosts 47:19 Just Season Buy iTunes
15 Season 2, Episode 4: Aqualad 43:59 Just Season Buy iTunes
16 Season 2, Episode 5: Deathstroke 43:12 Just Season Buy iTunes
17 Season 2, Episode 6: Conner 42:53 Just Season Buy iTunes
18 Season 2, Episode 7: Bruce Wayne 43:04 Just Season Buy iTunes
19 Season 2, Episode 8: Jericho 48:35 Just Season Buy iTunes
20 Season 2, Episode 9: Atonement 46:26 Just Season Buy iTunes
21 Season 2, Episode 10: Fallen 43:47 Just Season Buy iTunes
22 Season 2, Episode 11: E.L._.O. 47:37 Just Season Buy iTunes
23 Season 2, Episode 12: Faux-Hawk 49:24 Just Season Buy iTunes
24 Season 2, Episode 13: Nightwing 49:44 Just Season Buy iTunes
25 Titans Team Up: Trailer 01:42 Just Season Buy iTunes
26 Raven and Robin: Dark Rebirth 08:06 Just Season Buy iTunes
27 Hawk and Dove Origin Story 02:33 Just Season Buy iTunes
28 Igniting Starfire 02:13 Just Season Buy iTunes
29 Becoming Beast Boy 01:59 Just Season Buy iTunes
30 Conjuring Raven 02:20 Just Season Buy iTunes
31 Meet the Doom Patrol 02:13 Just Season Buy iTunes
32 The New Robin 02:15 Just Season Buy iTunes
33 From Page to Screen 02:21 Just Season Buy iTunes
34 The One and Only Wonder Girl 02:11 Just Season Buy iTunes
35 The Redemption of Robin 02:26 Just Season Buy iTunes
36 Team Titan 02:23 Just Season Buy iTunes


  • Love the Show!! ❤️

    By Juliusss1
    I am a fan of Teen Titans, and to finally have a series that is human based makes it a whole lot better! I have watched it on repeat on DC Universe and to finally be able to buy it on my Apple TV & watch it Non-stop, yes ma’am!
  • Great show

    By TylerHman
    Absolutely love Titans! I watched Teen Titans as a kid and so seeing all my favorite characters come to life has been really cool! Great cast, great storyline and overall great show!
  • It's actually great!

    By Thursday _89
    Why does everyone always want it to be like the source material? Just accept that this is a different universe than the comics. Besides, if it was any closer to the source material, you'd nitpick it even more critically!! Also, if the TV show stuck to the narratives of the original comics, then it would be extremely boring for comic book fans because you'd already know everything that's supposed to happen; there'd be no surprises for you. And aren't the surprises what kept you turning the pages in the comics? So why shouldn't it be the same for movie and television? Let the live-action writers have some freedom! The comic book writers had their era. I swear, some of the reviewers here are such twats. You are still free to go back and enjoy the comics. I just felt like I had to rant a little, lol
  • Nope

    By Sam Dario
    Cancel this nonsense.
  • Yeah no

    By Jacq9362
    Story is completely screwed up and ignored the source material
  • Great series that needs improvements

    By JackInfinity203
    Titans is a great CB series, and I enjoy it a lot, but there are tons of room for improvements. The cast are great, the action is amazing, the costumes are fantastic, and the dynamics with each other are very well done. However, the writing is mediocre at times (primarily the finales), the VFX is fine, and there are too many characters at this point. It’s still better than most DC shows today, but it’s far from perfect. Hopefully, Season 3 will improve and be the best season yet!!