Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Byr Zack Snyder

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release: 2013-06-14
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 2h 22min
  • Director: Zack Snyder
  • Producer: Legendary Pictures
  • Country: United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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From Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures comes Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill in the role of Clark Kent / Superman, under the direction of Zack Snyder. A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.



  • Amazing Movie

    By Book22
    This is the best DC movie ever
  • The best

    By The originals are the best
    Ok super man is my favorite super hero. The bad guys were great. This is hands-down DC’s greatest movie ever!!!
  • The Definitive Live Action Superman

    By langford_artist
    Cavill and Snyder embody what Superman should be in modern times with having deal with complex emotions and events and giving him an actual character journey and not the cheesy over the top captain smiles that these gatekeepers love. Cavill is the definitive live action superman no disrespect to Reeve but Cavill is just the superior Superman. #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague
  • Superman

    By landon 124
    Good movie, worth the watch... nothing crazy tho cough cough batman dark night😎
  • Best Superman Movie Ever Made

    By Finley_D
    This movie has the only DC villain besides the Joker with any character development. From the very beginning, this movie is just as much about Zod as it is about Clark.
  • Beyond underrated

    By MrJ2423
    Best Superman movie ever only unrealistic people would complain on how dark and gritty this movie is. Thank you zack Snyder for bringing this version this universe to life. My favorite Superman of all time.
  • Thoroughly entertaining!!!💯

    By spdgtkt
    Definitely my favorite Superman!!!💪🏾💪🏾
  • Pretty Okay, But Some Big Things To Be Desired

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    Zack Snyder guides his ship as smoothly as he can, and Henry Cavill takes a solid turn as Superman, but barely does enough to help Man of Steel stay afloat as David S. Goyer’s script abandons pacing and character development in favor of pure concept. 6.5/10
  • This IS Superman.

    By AreTudaEDub
    Amazing Film and THE Best Superman movie yet!
  • Best Superman

    By JonathanHockman
    Makes no sense to me that some people actually dislike this movie