The Big Year

The Big Year

By David Frankel

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2011-10-14
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 40min
  • Director: David Frankel
  • Production Company: 20th Century Fox
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 5.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
From 653 Ratings


Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson form a comic dream team in this smart, funny comedy from the director of The Devil Wears Prada and Marley & Me. Looking to shake up their routine lives, three amateur bird watchers compete to become the ultimate “birder” by spotting the greatest number of species within a single calendar year. But the friendly rivalry soon turns into a hilariously complicated cross-country adventure as each man begins to realize that the quest for success comes at a price — and that’s not chicken feed!



  • Ok

    By Giles999
    Given the cast you would expect a comedy this is an ok film but not laugh out loud funny
  • GreAt film

    By Scorpionsaw1
    Whoever says this film is rubbish is talking a load of crap great film very enjoyable to relax to
  • Awful

    By Netsfear
    Literally the worst film i've watched recently. I'm a fan of them all but this is just plain crap. Do Not rent/buy this… any review saying its good is a lie.
  • Celtic.FC

    A biz
  • There is no point….

    By ComedyPlease
    Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson form a comedy nightmare team in this stupid 'comedy' from the director of…. etc etc rented this movie on Apple-TV and watched about 20 minutes of it. I want my money and the 20 mins of my life back NOW! I don't think we laughed once (out of the whole family), I know even actors have to pay the bills but come on guys are you all really that hard up?
  • complete and utter rubbish, so bad

    By iamkelseyjones
  • Great film!

    By MonkeyView
    Did people buy/rent this film on a whim? Yes it's about bird watching but so much more. Nice story, nice cast and nice film. It's not ground breaking but very enjoyable.
  • A film for nature lovers

    By Ed Stevens
    If you love nature and travel then this is a great film, very enjoyable, funny and meaningful. However, if like some of the reviewers you are after an out and out comedy then you will be disappointed. Watching this film with that knowledge, most viewers will undoubtedly find it entertaining. I rented this film, but will most likely buy it to have in my collection to watch on a rainy day.
  • Crappy

    By Ready steady Freddie
    I'm not sure what these people are watching when they give it five stars but this is not worth buying or even renting. Use your time for anything else, and I mean anything.
  • Not a comedy

    By Adam@Atlantis
    Whilst not the best film any of these lead actors has been in and definitely not a laugh a minute comedy, I smiled and chuckled all the way through this enjoyable tale of friendship and dedication. My wife loved it!