United 93

United 93

By Paul Greengrass

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2006-04-28
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 1h 50min
  • Director: Paul Greengrass
  • Production Company: StudioCanal
  • Production Country: France, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 5.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
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A defining day in our history. It's an event that shook the world. Honest, unflinching and profoundly moving, United 93 tells the unforgettable story of the heroic passengers and crew members who prevented the terrorists from carrying out their plans for the fourth hijacked plane on September 11, 2001. As on-ground military and civilian teams scrambled to make sense of the unfolding events, forty people sat down as strangers found the courage to stand up as one.



  • Quite good.

    By Smaug112
    Quite good in terms of the suspense and drama created although I feel the stewardesses were unfairly portrayed as being weak while the men took over and were strong. I also think the German passenger was unfairly depicted as being " wimpy" next to the American tough guys.
  • Wow, Heart Beating!

    By Swinny!
    What An Awesome Movie, Truly Breath Taking Intense Piece Of Cinema Based On The 9/11 Events. Directed In Such A Way It Feels Like Real Life. This Was Amazing, MUST WATCH!
  • A Powerful, thought provoking film

    By Leachylad.
    I'm ex military and don't normally subscribe to this type of film. However, I loved this film. It is a a powerful portrayal of what must have been a terrifying ordeal. Would highly recommend watching United 93.
  • Worth seeing!

    By Mklevi
    This is by far my favourite film! I must have seen it over 20 times! It's an excellent film based on a true story. I would and do recommend this film to everybody.
  • Sad reminder

    By C Mace1
    Brilliantly directed film and a fitting tribute to the people who died on that dreadful day
  • Almost too intense!

    By ManMoleMan
    I still remember seeing this film at the cinema - truly one of the most intense and affecting films I've ever seen.
  • Uncomfortable viewing

    By JohnnyTwobags
    This isn't an enjoyable film. It portrays the events that everyone is familiar with in an intense and realistic way and by the end I felt drained and beaten down, but therein lies the brilliance. I won't lie, this is an incredibly powerful piece of drama which should become required viewing for the future's students of 21st Century history. Greengrass' style is never gratuitous, just unflinching and as close to the actual events as anyone will ever be able to document on film.
  • Worth seeing

    By amwardy
    Brilliantly executed, very moving and powerful. Not a well known cast but they play their roles very well.
  • Definately worth seeing.

    By Jonboy 71
    It could have been so easy to fall into the trap of making everyone an all american hero but Greengrass tells the story without any embellishment, making it all too human. I was wary when I first read about it but I thought it was handled extremely well.
  • it's too sad

    By revoxx
    Brilliant movie this. Greengrass knows his stuff. See his Bourne action fictions. But when he makes movies based on truth (like Bloody Sunday) then there's this extra 'magic' ingredient. This is a sad woe od=f a tale (10th anniversary today). Haunting heroic human. The motive to make something like this ? I don't have an answer.