Byr M. Night Shyamalan

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release: 2000-11-22
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 47min
  • Director: M. Night Shyamalan
  • Producer: Limited Edition Productions Inc.
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
From 7,029 Certification


Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson star in a mind-shattering, suspense-filled thriller that stays with you long after the end of this riveting supernatural film. After David Dunn (Willis) emerges from a horrific train crash as the sole survivor -- and without a single scratch on him -- he meets a mysterious stranger (Jackson). An unsettling stranger who believes comic book heroes walk the earth. A haunting stranger, whose obsession with David will change David's life forever.



  • Everything’s Amazing...Except The Ending

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    A slow-paced, yet just as thought provoking as The Sixth Sense, M. Night Shymalan’s third effort brings compelling characters, a subtle performance from Bruce Willis and a haunting one from Samuel L. Jackson, amazing writing and some terrific and thrilling superhero sequences. However, the twist ending proves to ultimately drag down the otherwise excellent movie in its severely anticlimactic and disappointing fashion. 7.5/10
  • Awesome movie

    By dualedge
    I'll admit when Unbreakable came out, even though I really liked the movie, I was disappointed with the twist at the end and to me it initially hurt the film. I'm still not 100% sure revealing it at the end the way it was worked better than it would have if it had been woven into the story from the start of the narrative. That detail aside, when I rewatch this movie, it really is a remarkable film. While Shyamalan has been somewhat inconsistent in delivering solid films largely due to the constant need to always have some kind of 'twist' ending, his movies never disappoint on ambiance and character building. Unbreakable is just a beautiful movie and knowing the twist at the end helps me enjoy the movie more when I rewatch it. Having the story continue even peripherally in Split and then much moreso in Glass is very cool. This is my favorite Bruce Willis character by far (even over Die Hard which may be blasphemy to some.)
  • Trilogy Comics Awesome!

    By Shawty 4
    Please add “Unbreakable” to this bundle! This series is awesome when you can tell the whole story from the beginning. Cast and story is great! Comics forever fan! All the actors did a wonderful job! Recommend all THREE “Unbreakable”, “Split” & “Glass.”
  • Classic

    By tekneak
    I was not expecting this movie to be as good as it was, it far exceeded my expectations and had great directing/acting. Must see movie
  • DR

    By Appy1111133333
    You could not pay me enough to watch this, Jackson is a foul mouth far left celebrity jackass, one of many by the way, who ungreatfuly disrespect our country and our president. Move to Canada like you promised PLEASE
  • 2 hrs I will never get back

    By The_Truth_About_Movies
    This is the worst movie I've ever seen. 2 hours I will never get back. Kept waiting for something to happen but nothing ever did. Why is this available to watch? So incredibly disappointed in my rental. Waste of $4
  • Eh...

    By mr_anabolic
    Only watching this so i can watch SPILT then GLASS. Samuel always gives it his all to a character. The movie in general consistly gave me the urge to just turn it off or scroll through my phone. I forced myself through it. After the long camera shot between him and the female rider, I knew it was gunna be a bummer. Some scenes i felt like they just stuck the camera on a tripod and called it a day. Unnecessarily drawn out and that is what makes a boring movie. Then again it was debut'd almost 19 years ago.
  • Great movie, disappointing extras...

    By James Klann
    5 stars for the movie, 1 star for the utter lack of extras. Bought the movie digitial earlier this month in preperation for Glass. Was VERY surprised and disappointed that neither the DVD or Blu-Ray extras were included. If you already own a physical copy of the film, as of 1/25/2019, there is no reason to upgrade to the digital version.
  • Mediocre flick

    By Lips of Lightning
    As far as Bruce Willis & Samuel L. Jackson movies go... "Unbreakable", was kind of lame. The plot went alright; I perhaps would have probably neglected to finish watching the move about 2-3rd's of the way thru... My ONLY endured watching Unbreakable to give myself background info as a pre-cursor for watching "Glass".
  • Good flick

    By Gamer holdem
    I’m not sure why this is up current now. I saw this and have rented it before. Pretty good movie. Definitely worth renting 👍