Byr M. Night Shyamalan

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release: 2002-08-02
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 46min
  • Director: M. Night Shyamalan
  • Producer: Touchstone Pictures
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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From writer/director M. Night Shyamalan, comes the story of the Hess family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who wake up one morning to find a 500-foot crop circle in their backyard. Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) and his family are told extraterrestrials are responsible for the sign in their field. They watch, with growing dread, the news of crop circles being found all over the world. SIGNS is the emotional story of one family on one farm as they encounter the terrifying last moments of life as the world is being invaded.



  • A Quiet and Profound Entry in the Alien Invasion Tropes

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    In his last truly great film until Split, M. Night Shyamalan once again flexes his storytelling and filmmaking chops with a subversive look at faith and family. The quietness of the story within the larger context of a global extraterrestrial invasion is sure to engage audiences and offer a profound look at one man’s family. 8/10
  • Great Movie

    By Mase1988
    More of a thriller than horror, and very well written and filmed.
  • This movie...I can’t even tell you.

    By MrReader101
    Signs. What do you think of when you hear this? I think of this movie. It was brilliant, amazing, stunning and creepy. A lot of alien movies like to have military forces and special army people or what-not interfere with the threat-but this story is of a family surviving and waiting out the attacks in their small farm in Penn? It’s great. Reminds me a lot of A Quiet Place, but not as good. I rate it 4 stars, but for A Quiet Place, I would rate five. The aliens could have looked more interesting, but I am not complaining. ———For the Parents: This movie is PG-13, and that’s what I would have rated it. But I would net recommend letting a child under 11 years old watch this. It had a couple jumpscares and swears, but other than that nothing else was bad. The director did I great job on this movie. Keep it up. :)
  • Ana Marie gross

    Friday February 14 (2020)
  • Good but seriously flawed

    By RxWizard
    Spoiler Alert - Why on earth would an alien species land on a planet that 75% of its surface is covered with a chemical that is deadly to it, has this same chemical suspended throughout the atmosphere, and has storms that rains down this same chemical?
  • One of M. Nights BEST

    By The Emerald Minecart TEM
    A GREAT Story FULL of Suspense & building up of suspense... Have seen it 20 times & LOVE it each & every time....
  • Awesome Film!!! 🛸

    By 379075:$&
    A Great Summer Movie when you want to watch something Scary with your friends that is actually Intelligent at the same time. 🙌🏻👍🏻👽🌾🛸
  • Classic and complex

    By SPARROW0527
    I have always loved and feared this movie. It uses classic horror which is built up rather than the jump-scare one-offs of today. It’s like Independence Day meets alien in a thoughtful package.
  • Yep, its good

    By Tpap5000
    I watched this while it was in theaters. It is a great movie worth owning. I had forgotten about it and am here purchasing to see it again because someone had the nerve to compare this to 'A Quiet Place'! That it most certainly isn’t, but it is one of the best Syfi thrillers of its time.

    By JamesDdaydream
    This movie kept me at the edge of my seat and I loved it!! I promise you it’s worth watching & it’s got a good message!