JESSIE, Vol. 8

JESSIE, Vol. 8


  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release: 2015-06-06
  • Rate: TV-G
  • Episodes: 10
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 19.99
From 114 Certification


Big changes are on the horizon for the Ross family! Jessie and the kids set off on a cruise but the vacation becomes interrupted by mermaids, curses and a terrible storm! Ravi and Emma face an identity crisis when Luke becomes the brains of the group and Zuri becomes the latest trendy fashionista. And when Jessie finally gets a role in a film and leaves for Hollywood, the kids follow after her! No matter where life takes them, Jessie and the kids will always find a way to be there for each other!


Title Time Price
1 Rossed At Sea, Pt. 1 23:21 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
2 Rossed At Sea, Pt. 2 23:21 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
3 Rossed At Sea, Pt. 3 22:36 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
4 Dance, Dance Resolution 22:51 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
5 Someone Has Tou-pay 23:06 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
6 Identity Thieves 23:21 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
7 Katch Kipling 22:51 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
8 The Ghostess With the Mostest 23:06 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
9 The Fear in Our Stars 23:21 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
10 Jessie Goes to Hollywood 26:05 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes


  • I love this show it is SO funny

    By fitolddg
    Love it so much
  • I like jessie a lot Iam huge fan

    By Walrep
    I like ravi and luke and emma and bertam and ms chesterfield and toni and zuri ross I wish u here with us in my houseand and a pet lizard
  • Really people!

    By ROBLOXKiduser567
    I love this show! It is really funny. But one thing. SwetsCowgirl, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it! Just because you didn’t like the show doesn’t mean other people don’t. 😤😤😤
  • Awesome i love jessie

    By lpsmlplover
    Jessie is awesome i will love it always and rip we miss u camron boyce i will miss u and ur freckles and ur jokes
  • Nope hate it

    By destiny cookie
    Don’t like it when Ravi and Luke little done delete the Disney now app
  • Rip Cameron

    By hdjxjicj
    I love this show camron was great

    By Evelyn Medrano
    Better than Little Einsteins❤️
  • Dumb😑😡😡😡😴

    By socutegirl
    This show was great during the first episode but now it was like yesterday’s cornbread #hatedonotwatch>:p🤮🤮🤮😴😴😑😑😑😡😡😡😠😠😠😤😤😤😾😾
  • Love Jessie

    By bcygendnd
    I love Jessie I’ve been watching it Since I was little I think it’s a good show
  • Luv this show

    By Onyx_the_Frenchie2018🤩
    Ok, first of all, yourqueenb****h is stupid in vol. one her review was eat my TOENAIL FINGUS who is this person whoever it is shut it now okay I luv Jessie Skai Jackson is sooooooooooooo 😎