Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story

Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story

Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2015-01-02
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Episodes: 2
  • iTunes Price: GBP 2.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 3.99


Outspoken TV personality, Katie Hopkins has hit the headlines for her controversial views on obesity; insisting that fat people are lazy, saying that she would not employ someone who is overweight, and claiming that losing weight is easy.  Katie had decided to prove her argument by piling on the pounds to experience being weight, before attempting to lose it again by simply eating less and moving more…


Title Time Price
1 Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story - Part One 43:51 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
2 Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story - Part Two 44:24 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes


  • What a woman!!

    By grxgghxrpxr
    She is amazing in every way💕
  • Amazing!

    By Tilly756
    I think this series is great!! People just hate her because she tells people the TRUTH. Eat less & move more!! She's proven herself correct and good for her. Yes she is famous for more or less nothing but she's a great person and I'm glad she's out there telling people of Britain to open their eyes and actually face up to the truth! Love her and love the series!
  • Fantastic

    By JBoy1807
    Ignore the 'haters' comments, this is bloody brilliant!
  • Proves a point

    By JDNicholl
    I believe this programme proves a point that fat people are lazy an did they move more they can loose weight. Most of the people who dislike this dislike Katie we are here to write a review on the program not Katie.
  • Face it, it's the truth

    By Baby RoRo
    I really enjoyed this series. I carry too much weight and everything Ms Hopkins said was true. Faddy diets do not work. I put on weight because I ate too much and didn't move enough.
  • Good Viewing

    By To7m
    Regardless of ones feeling against Katie, she made a point and then proved it.
  • Pointless

    By My Eyes Hurt.
    We know why people put on & lose weight.We don't need a halfwit off Big Brother to explain the obvious to us.....What next? A series proving how to stay dry by avoiding water? Stop making stupid TV for stupid people.
  • Vile trash

    By joey-annexx
    This woman is a bully and should not be allowed on television. Why people keep employing her is beyond me.
  • Awful

    By Pushgan
    Despicable terrible horror person. She's is the most attention seeking personality I have ever encountered. Please don't buy this, it will only encourage her Hubris attitude. I'm sickened.
  • Absolutely brilliant.

    By Very Good. Very few flaws.
    I admire this woman very much. Not only is she hilarious but she speaks the truth and the whole truth. Finally there is someone man enough to actually want to make a change and say enough is enough. Bottom line is, it is NOT okay to be fat. If your fat then your most likely lazy and need a good kick up the backside, which is exactly what this woman does. This country has become way too soft over the years with 'offensive language' and 'political correctness' but The reality is if your fat, your fat, and it's wrong, especially when you have children that are looking up to they're parents. I'm thankful there is a woman who can say NO and try to make a change. Keep up the good work Katie, your a very brave woman.