Star Wars Rebels, Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars Rebels, Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars Rebels, Spark of Rebellion

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2014-10-03
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: GBP 3.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 4.99


While the crew of the Ghost is on a mission to help innocent citizens of the Outer Rim planet of Lothal, street orphan Ezra inadvertently interferes and is forced to escape aboard the Ghost in order to survive the Imperial pursuit. The boy is surprised to find that this crew consists of freedom fighters, and their next assignment has them determined to free Wookiee prisoners destined for an Imperial slave labor camp. Without time to return Ezra to Lothal, the crew embarks on daring mission to save the Wookiees. After their heroic adventure, Ezra must choose whether to return home or join the rebel crew and learn the ways of the Jedi.


Title Time Price
1 Spark of Rebellion 44:17 Season Only Buy on iTunes


  • A great start

    By &Gr8
    Owning the extended version featuring Darth Vader is, what I prefer, much better because it makes the pre-titles edgier than the original version (beginning with Ezra’s tower). The only concern I have is that it lacks some of the exciting bonuses (e.g. “Shorts”).
  • Good start, what’s next?

    By T.A.F
    I’m not the first to see, or mention, the idea that this is Firefly for Star Wars, but it works. We have actual characters, everyone has their own goals drives but still work together. It is a little more child orientated than other Star Wars tie ins, but is still well rounded. Put simply there is a lot of potential here. The real question is can it live up to it, and where is the rest of the episodes?
  • Fun for adults too!

    By Ben Epsom
    I have to admit I was worried Disney would have made this too child friendly. I was wrong! It's fun for everyone and reminds me of when Star Wars was about adventure and not politics. Please ignore negative reviews that hate it just because it's Disney. Disney have done well and look forward to more
  • Well done!

    By TornadoPete
    Really enjoyed this, it reminded me a lot of the original films and it didn't really feel too childish which was really good, which is the reason why I didn't like the clone wars as it felt more for kids than for everyone. I look forward to the series growing and seeing what becomes of the characters.. should be fun to watch, I would love it if all episodes were 44mins long but I know it will go to the usual 20mins most likely but still can't wait to watch what comes next! :D Plus on a side notes its nice to follow a unknown group as in clone wars we saw characters we already know and what become of them.. well some of them..
  • Where is the season pass for UK?

    By xusin
    Great mini-movie to start the series. Trust me it gets better and better. Please put the tv series on the UK iTunes Store! The U.S. Already has the first 4 episodes!!!!
  • Great start to a new series

    By c5po
    Love the new graphics - a definite step up on Clone Wars. The story has moved on from Clone Wars with a great start - look forward to seeing more of Ezra and seeing how the story line develops.
  • how much?

    By BigGreenie
    £4.99 for 1 episode?
  • Quality Storytelling

    By Sidth (Siddique)
    Sure it’s not The Clone Wars but neither is it Droids or Ewoks from the 80s. This is a great way to expand the SW universe and tell great stories at the same time. Especially during the gap between Ep 3 & 4 and section of the timeline lacking in screen time. More great stories with lots of humour and action to come. Zeb is my fave character so far. Well done Lucasfilm.
  • A lot to prove still

    By GhostDragon33
    Graphics aren't reflective of 2014 standards. Price is too high for one episode.
  • Doesn't replace the gap left by Clone Wars

    By BixBixBiscuits
    I've just watched the first episode. It's not graphically identical to Clone Wars - it's simpler and less mature but still made to the very high standard we've come to expect. The plot is lighter with less tension but the action adventure flows. Dialog and visual comedy is targeted at a slightly younger audience than it was for Clone Wars and as such I feel it's a little less accessible to adults. Remember that I've based this on the first episode, which I actually really enjoyed. It has already shown a lot of room for potential story and character development. While it doesn't quite fill the gap left (by what I consider to be the near perfect Clone Wars), it certainly fills me with hope that the animated Star Wars is alive and kicking... like those pesky Rebels ; )