Made In Chelsea NYC

Made In Chelsea NYC

Made In Chelsea

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2014-08-10
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Episodes: 6
  • iTunes Price: GBP 3.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 4.99
From 11 Ratings


Chelsea's bright young things head out to New York for one big summer party.


Title Time Price
1 Episode 1 47:22 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
2 Episode 2 47:34 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
3 Episode 3 47:18 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
4 Episode 4 46:46 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
5 Episode 5 47:19 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
6 Episode 6 47:39 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes


  • I want my money back.

    By Mike in Hong Kong
    This is nonsense. Where is 5?
  • Episode 5 missing

    By alexp123
    Where is episode 5?? You have uploaded number 4 and then jumped straight to number 6…!
  • Series pass disappointment

    By DazzaQ8
    Where is series 5. Can't believe you have done this again . Get it sorted Your losing customers

    By A66142
    Where is episode 5? Waited ages for it and now you haven’t even given it to us!
  • Where's episode 5

    By Picklelilly79
    Got 1-4 no EP 5 but can get 6 now?! Why??
  • Episode 5 is still missing!

    By Ick114
    It wouldn't be so bad if iTunes communicated with us. A short line or two explaining why the episodes are late and when we can expect them would stop a lot of us complaining. But no, instead we read your silence iTunes as you really couldn't careless about your customers.
  • Missing episode 5

    By Landofhopeandfears
    OK so episode 6 is uploaded today, but where is episode 5??? How can you make these many mistakes!
  • Waiting always waiting

    By Norti1
    Why does it take so long for you to update each episode?????? Upload episode 5 please! And now 6!!!! Give us a refund, the season finished we've paid and still nothing hopeless iTunes!!!!

    By HedleyWarbucks
    Yet again, another series pass and another bunch of people who are waiting. Time again I have this happen, time again I give the benefit of the doubt. iTunes, the reason people buy a series pass is because they don't want to watch it illegally and stream from somewhere else. Your reputation as being reputable is being tarnished. The reason, i and so many others want to have a series pass is because not being in the UK we want to watch a programme. Here's the thought: Don't offer a service you clearly can't fulfil! It's a shame because frankly I would have bought at least another two separate series passes for other programmes…but I'd rather not be disappointed yet again!
  • Episode 5?!? Oh and now episode 6?! Has someone forgotten abut us?

    By 'Ellsbells
    Still waiting.....