Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2013-09-12
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Episodes: 6
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 9.99
From 7,794 Ratings


Peaky Blinders is an epic gangster drama set in the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s. Thomas Shelby controls the Peaky Blinders, one of the city's most feared and successful criminal organisations, but his ambitions go beyond running the streets. Crime pays, business pays better.


Title Time Price
1 Episode 1 56:59 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
2 Episode 2 58:44 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
3 Episode 3 56:14 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
4 Episode 4 59:06 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
5 Episode 5 57:13 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
6 Episode 6 55:09 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes


  • Tom G

    By Lindoncroft
    Favourite TV show of all time!
  • Incredible Box Set

    By Traveler1234567
    I was sceptical at first, as I'm not really into period TV shows, but this is quite possibly one of the best TV shows I have ever seen. I'm a huge fan of The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, and Boardwalk Empire, and after 2 seasons of Peaky Blinders, I would have to put it up there alongside all Of those. Martin Scorsese would be proud of the visual effects, scenery and life like Gangster casting here. Award winning TV at your fingertips. This will win many.
  • Peaky Blinders 1

    By OXO43
    This is a truly an excellent series for tv - it is a must to watch. I love Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby - a superb actor. In fact, the whole of the cast are excellent. I am looking forward to the next series and more of Cillian and his Peaky Blinders gang. Bring it on. Everyone please watch this.
  • Pete

    By Peterthepotter
    1st class a great buy
  • Buy it! It’s bloody brilliant!

    By englishdramalover
    Loved Peaky Blinders from the first moment! Superb acting (lead Cillian Murphy), great writing, fantastic atmosphere, gripping action and romance, good music. Peaky Blinders got it all! And if you like men in suits with a nice pair of braces and a decent twenties haircut: You will love PEAKY BLINDERS! I’m totally hooked! Can’t wait for series 2! Tiger Aspect runs two of my all time fav TV series: RIPPER STREET and Peaky Blinders! Thank you for that guys!
  • Superb British TV

    By Alfster0909
    I can’t rate this series highly enough. Brilliant acting, an exciting plot - all well supported by great music. I cannot wait for the next series :-)
  • Please buy this, as many of you as can, cast your vote for brilliance

    By Marco79
    I felt many things after the end of the last of these episodes but one was relief that British television has finally made something to equal the excellence of recent American series. How can we supply them all our actors and yet never give our own a vehicle to match their talents? Finally it has come! Idealism, greed, moral compromise, love, the fast beating heart of the present moment, the visceral rush of violence and pleasure, the after-blasts of war and the industrial revolution's hungry furnace. The black soot of poverty and an old religion. Tommy Shelby moving up towards the surface light of the future through all the hideous corpses of drowned soldiers and the shimmering drift of a wedding shroud, the most beautiful and beautifully acted love story since the feeling I felt when I fell myself.
  • Peaky Blinders

    By Justin Excell
    Wow, truely amazing. UK TV at its best. This is one of the best series I have ever seen. Watch it, you will love it.
  • well produced, but not perfect

    By D0cman
    Contains excellent actors, great photography, nice stage sets, and a somewhat decent script considering the limited budget TigerAspect and Caryn Mandabach had to spend (~£7.5 million minimum) on season 1. That's more than £1 million per episode and only 8 weeks total of shooting time. You certainly can't expect Boardwalk Empire quality ($65 million for season 1, $20-30 million for the pilot alone). However, Otto Bathurst and crew did a fine job trying. Only real issue would be the music. It's not even an issue of being modern music, but half of it didn't even fit the scenes. It makes the entire production disjointed and pulls the viewer away from paying attention. Someone previously mentioned it's Tarantino-esque, but if that's the case then it was a real sloppy attempt. My guess is they decided to scrimp and save on post production. Without a doubt this show will be renewed for another 2 seasons. I only hope when Otto Bathurst and Tom Harper are able to obtain further funding that they don't let it go to their heads. My guess would be they should be able to double if not triple their initial funding, but let's hope they learned their lesson about not needing $65 million to produce a high quality show.
  • Episode 6???

    By Claudia and Ivor
    Where is episode 6? It was shown on TV over a week ago but has not appeared on iTunes yet.