CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 14

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 14

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2013-09-25
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 23
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 19.99
From 807 Certification


After learning that CSI Morgan and Ellie Brass have both been taken captive by their still unknown murder suspect, CSI: kicks off its 14th season with the CSIs racing to piece the clues together and solve the case before it's too late. D.B. Russell leads the CSI team on the hunt for Morgan and Ellie Brass' ritualistic killer. Catherine Willows returns on the milestone 300th episode of CSI to help solve a cold case that has haunted the team for 14 years. Guest stars for this season include Eric Roberts, Tim Matheson, John Ratzenberger, model Catrinel Menghia Marlon, Jason Priestly, Jordin Sparks and more.


Title Time Price
1 The Devil and D.B. Russell 42:59 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
2 Take the Money and Run 43:18 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
3 Torch Song 42:11 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
4 Last Supper 43:06 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
5 Frame By Frame 43:19 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
6 Passed Pawns 42:58 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
7 Under a Cloud 43:06 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
8 Helpless 40:48 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
9 Check In and Check Out 42:57 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
10 Girls Gone Wild 42:59 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
11 The Lost Reindeer 42:18 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
12 Keep Calm and Carry On 42:28 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
13 Boston Brakes 43:08 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
14 De los Muertos 43:06 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
15 Love For Sale 42:18 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
16 Killer Moves 42:07 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
17 Long Road Home 41:47 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
18 Uninvited 42:46 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
19 The Fallen 42:57 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
20 Consumed 42:16 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
21 Kitty 43:16 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
22 Dead in His Tracks 43:06 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
23 Behind the Scenes: 300th Episode 04:18 Just Season Buy iTunes


  • What the hell?

    By SamuelJDisalvo
    Why are episodes 20 and 21 with the season pass listed as “Kitty” but in the iTunes store it’s listed as “Consumed” iTunes we pay way to much money for a season pass for this kind of screw up to not be corrected
  • Where’s episode 20??

    By HibblesB
    I’ve had a season pass since episode two and normally each episode automatically downloads but there’s no episode 20! I went into the store to try to manually download and it skips from episode 19 to episode 21. I know it must exist because a friend of mine watched it live on TV. Where is it??
  • episode 21

    By danfengxinlan
    can’t download ep 21 and where is ep 20?
  • Still good but not what it was

    By Vega795
    I've been a fan of CSI since the first show. I was actually living in Las Vegas when it began and I was so stoked about it. As the years roll on I can say I miss some of the old cast and have accepted most of the new cast. But it feels like they are spreading it a bit thin theese days. 14 seasons they outlasted MASH and a host of others. Maybe it's time to close shop. Or one more trunkated season with a movie where Catherine and Grissom return to help solve a major case that needs the resorces of the FBI and CSI team. Hey Quintion T. could direct it he did a great job on the 2 parter where Stokes got burried alive.
  • Love it

    By Treasure Hunter 18:)
    Amazing love all the past seasons cant wait to buy this one (:

    By jercher73
    I love this show! Every season just gets better and better. When they brought Ted Danson on board it just kicked it up another notch. The actors and actresses just complement each other so much they can’t do any better!! Cheryl W.
  • Where are the shows?

    By Champs6
    So far so good but are there only 11 episodes??? Very expensive if so!
  • As good as it ever was!

    By Sean Patrick Murphy.
    Great season
  • So Lame

    By brslc
    And here comes the moment when the sadist/serial killer/master mind confronts the heroine . . . What to do? Kick 'em in the balls and run away. The silliest show.
  • Keep em coming!

    By karenofkk
    Great great writing, acting, directing. Loved it. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Keep em coming!!!!!