Sister Wives, Season 6

Sister Wives, Season 6

Sister Wives

  • Genre: Reality & Nonfiction
  • Release: 2013-07-21
  • Rate: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 20
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 24.99
From 30 Certification


After a rough two years of living in rentals, Kody, his four wives and 17 children hope to soon move into their four adjacent homes. Tensions rise as the Browns struggle to find success in the wives’ jewelry business, while the older children consider going to college out of state and the wives face difficult personal decisions. 


Title Time Price
1 Picking Up the Pieces 41:04 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
2 Four Lives of Kody's Wives 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
3 Big Boy Panties! 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
4 Odd Wife Out 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
5 Christmas Surprise 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
6 Robyn's Secret 21:02 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
7 Polygamy Questions Answered 21:02 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
8 A Wife Decides 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
9 Sister Wives On the Ropes 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
10 Polygamist Marriage Therapy 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
11 Sister Wives Tell All 41:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
12 Mother-in-Law Invasion 41:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
13 Boys Night Out 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
14 Polygamist Flash Mob 42:48 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
15 While the Wives Are Away 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
16 Browns In Crisis 42:33 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
17 Tragedy In the Family 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
18 Celebration Countdown 42:33 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
19 The Commitment Celebration 42:34 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
20 Sister Wives Tell All 2 41:17 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes


  • Love it!

    By Thais Berg
    One of my fav shows ever =)
  • Waste of money

    By Pinkish43
    The show is finally starting to become slightly interesting. You know after being several shows in and it being the same thing over and over again I was feeling cheated. But they finally did something different, wives got their houses, good a show worth paying for. BUT, then I pay $1.99+tax for an EXTREMELY choppy show that's only 20 minutes long, 11 minutes after you take out all that stupid "coming up" junk they add in! I want my money back. This is making TLC look like a great big con artist. Buyer beware!
  • Love it!

    By kkef!
    I love and adore this family! They are like every family. They go through all the emtions that a family would go through. Awesome people, maybe not the lifestyle I would do, but yet they are showing great light of how they are as a family and how that lifestyle is. Shame on the people that can't be happy that these kids that are growing up way better than most. Yes I see Meri's daughter a bit of a spoiled brat, but heck I was too at 17/18 ;).
  • Great show 😃

    By ErisV
    Love this show.
  • Season 6 already??

    By chick in paradise
    This season is more of the same. In a way these people remind me of con artists. They live high lives, beautiful homes, amazing cars - yet have no discernible source of income aside from a book or two, the TV show, and jewelry making. How 23 members of this family are being supported to the livestyle of which they have become accustomed is beyond me. They don't even appear to be happy as all they do is complain and angst. Just goes to prove - any lifestyle can be justified if there is a TV show in it for you.
  • Great

    By FantasticMan90s
    I have only seen one episode, but I am already in love with this show. I can't wait to see how this ends.
  • Not iPod compatible

    By Elf1110237
    I wanted to take this with me on the go. Why isn't this season iPod-compatible? All of the others are!
  • Love this show!

    By Kimi33MS
    I love this family. They are so dedicated to one another and have so much love in their home. Love this show!