Mermaids, Season 1

Mermaids, Season 1


  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release: 2013-01-09
  • Rate: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 2
  • iTunes Price: USD 2.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 3.99
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Could mermaids really exist? Grounded in a radical scientific theory, MERMAIDS is a story about two scientists who testify they found the remains of a never-before-identified sea creature. With actual amateur footage and stunning CGI, experts explore what mermaids may look like, how they lived and how they could have evolved but remained hidden - until now.


Title Time Price
1 Mermaids: The Body Found - The Extended 1:21:00 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
2 Mermaids: The New Evidence 41:48 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes



    By WantCandyPant5!
  • Absolute garbage

    By Old RPN dog
    This is no documentary, it is absolute & pure fiction. The so-called "dramatic recreation" fails to mention the fact that the figure heads are not the actual researchers, but actors. Complete fantasy and should be labeled as such.
  • Orson Wells

    By BanditXIII
    I can't believe people thought this was real. It's like War of the Worlds on Halloween 1938.
  • Love it

    By Alaskanfriend
    The fact that it could even be a chance that this is true is purely awesome. The people who say they aren't real has no imagination or open mind. That's so sad, this was very good.
  • Real

    By Nonofypurbuixnissdoumind#lol
    AMAZING!1!1!!1!1!1 believe in the sea 🌊 mermaidsRreal
  • God can creat anything

    By Mazkoth
    This is a great documentary if you believe in god then you can believe that god can creat mermaids
  • Encouraging

    By SCS103190
    I love this documentary because it gives ideas and theories to the existence of mermaids that most wouldn’t think of on their own. Even if the “evidence” was posted on the news most ppl wouldn’t consider it truth. Fact is you either believe or you don’t No documentary is going to persuade you otherwise. So grab a bag of open mindedness, sit down and watch this show bc its awesome.
  • Animal Planet- Mermaids

    By Bright Sawn
    Really enjoined this show!
  • STOP the Navy from KILLING marine mammals!

    By Niligoar
    ---Wether you buy the theories or evidences on mermaids, please let's agree on one projective: Do not forget to be mad at the U.S. government and the Navy for beaching and killing our marine mammals and for continuing the sonar testing and killing at all cost by obstructing scientific liberty and public knowledge - the whole goal of the participating scientists to come forward in this film. **STOP SONAR TESTING!!!** -- Just give the movie a chance with an open mind, which would reward you with territories that your mind could be able to reach beyond the confines of this film or its evidences. This film is a powerful and brave door-opening stone, to the least. --^^Now personal opinions on mermaids (probably nobody else cares), I do not believe we are direct decedents from Mermaids, but we are two parallel species descended from the same aquatic apes. The ancient apes divided into 2groups: (1) land apes - the ancestors of modern-day apes who never took part of sea life, and (2) aquatic apes: (2)(a) one group, who significantly and physically adapted to both aquatic and land lives, and returned onto land as water recededancestors to modern humans; and (2)(b) another group of aquatic apes, who had completely adapted to deepwater living with no return and had further evolved aquatically into mermaids. We human physics and skills remain on the beginner levels of aquatic evolution, while mermaids are advanced marine mammals.
  • A Great Example of Cosmology with Deep Thought!

    By DJ Butterboy
    Of course this is fiction, the fact that someone thought all of this up to make Mermaids seem real is great. I personally don't think Mermaids would look like the people from Avatar, I think they'd at least look a little more enchanting (for example, like the Nudibranch with human features). I think the way Mermaids are depicted in this series are made to look like there is still something neanderthal-like about them and not quite evolved, whereas we as humans have evolved to look the way we do now, wouldn't Mermaids also have select traits that we have today? (Besides the nose) This is a fascinating work of fiction meant to pass as real, it means the cosmology in this documentary has done it's job into making this type of character seem plausible, and important. It's inspirational and fun, to sum it up!