Victorious, Orange Collection

Victorious, Orange Collection


  • Genero: Kids & Family
  • Lançamento: 2013-05-06
  • Classificação: TV-G
  • Episódios: 4
  • Preço no iTunes: USD 2.99
  • Preço HD no iTunes: USD 2.99
De 65 Classificação


Get ready to shine with Tori Vega and all her crazy talented friends at Hollywood Arts! It’s a test of character when Sikowitz invites the gang to have a sleepover at his house and teaches them a lesson in method acting. Whoever breaks character is eliminated from the house. Can Tori keep up with her role as a female cop who loves cereal? Or will Andre outrun her as a 9-month pregnant marathoner? Then, in a desperate attempt to increase his blog traffic, Robbie decides to film the personal lives of his friends, capturing them in their most embarrassing moments. Unfortunately, he becomes unstoppable! And friendships are put to the test when Tori finds out Cat is dating her ex-boyfriend, Trina shows no appreciation for her birthday gift from Tori, and Trina uses fish to make everyone’s feet super smooth but with disastrous results!


Título Time Preço
1 The Birthweek Song 23:37 USD 0.99 Compre no iTunes
2 Robarazzi 23:37 USD 0.99 Compre no iTunes
3 Cat's New Boyfriend 23:36 USD 0.99 Compre no iTunes
4 Sleepover At Sikowitz's 23:37 USD 0.99 Compre no iTunes