Invader Zim: The Complete Series

Invader Zim: The Complete Series

Invader Zim

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release: 2013-04-01
  • Rate: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 27
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
From 74 Certification


Greetings Earth filth! Prepare yourself for a merciless journey – over 9 hours long! - filled with misery, mayhem and much laughter as you embark on a mission of doom with the most inept, evil, green-complexioned alien ever to try and gain control over all of mankind. You will accompany ZIM and his faithful companion, GIR, as ZIM undertakes the necessary evil of making friends, enters the body of his nemesis, Dib, intent on controlling him, attends parent/teacher night with malfunctioning Robo-parents, purposely gets lost in the city to test GIR’s repaired guidance system, becomes obsessed with cleanliness, tries to keep the school nurse from discovering he has no internal organs, crashes his cruiser in a field where an alien-hunting group is gathered, and discovers his mortal fear of water! WAIT! You will stay for more, because ZIM is participating in career day (the same day he’s supposed to molt), then Dib gets a meeting with the elusive Swollen Eyeball Network, ZIM must save Earth in order to destroy it properly, ZIM tries to pass off a huge facial zit as his truth-inducing friend, Pustulio, GIR takes off in search of tacos, ZIM sends a rubber pig through time (sort of), tries to trick his classmates into a one way trip to oblivion, tries to harness the class hamster’s cuteness for the purpose of mind control, gets mixed up with an errant bunch of extraterrestrials stranded on Earth, kidnaps Dib for torture and vivisection, torments people into buying candy for a school competition, heeds the FBI warning on a video and turns Dib into bologna. AND THERE’S STILL MORE! But you will have to find out what more there is for yourself, you intrepid fool, in this collection of all the Nickelodeon episodes of INVADER ZIM. I defy you to not be mesmerized… Now be gone with you!


Title Time Price
1 The Nightmare Begins 25:38 Just Season Buy iTunes
2 Bestest Friend / Nanozim 24:32 Just Season Buy iTunes
3 Parent Teacher Night / Walk of Doom 24:31 Just Season Buy iTunes
4 Germs / Dark Harvest 24:31 Just Season Buy iTunes
5 Attack of the Saucer Morons / The Wetten 24:32 Just Season Buy iTunes
6 Career Day / Battle Dib 24:12 Just Season Buy iTunes
7 Planet Jackers / Rise of the Zitboy 24:25 Just Season Buy iTunes
8 Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain / Bad, B 24:31 Just Season Buy iTunes
9 A Room With a Moose / Hamstergeddon 24:34 Just Season Buy iTunes
10 Plague of Babies / Bloaty's Pizza Hog 24:02 Just Season Buy iTunes
11 Door to Door / FBI Warning 24:39 Just Season Buy iTunes
12 Bolognius Maximus / Game Slave 2 24:33 Just Season Buy iTunes
13 Battle of the Planets of Doom, Pts. 1 & 24:35 Just Season Buy iTunes
14 Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom, Pt 23:54 Just Season Buy iTunes
15 Mysterious Mysteries / Future Dib 24:17 Just Season Buy iTunes
16 Hobo 13 / Walk for Your Lives 24:12 Just Season Buy iTunes
17 Megadoomer / Lice 24:16 Just Season Buy iTunes
18 Abducted / The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenf 24:29 Just Season Buy iTunes
19 Gir's Gone Crazy and Stuff / Dib's Wonde 24:33 Just Season Buy iTunes
20 Tak: The Hideous New Girl 24:36 Just Season Buy iTunes
21 Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars 24:35 Just Season Buy iTunes
22 Zim Eats Waffles / Mortos Der Soulsteale 24:29 Just Season Buy iTunes
23 The Girl Who Cried Gnome / Dibship Risin 24:17 Just Season Buy iTunes
24 Vindicated /Voting of the Doomed 24:29 Just Season Buy iTunes
25 Gaz:Taster of Pork 23:59 Just Season Buy iTunes
26 The Frycook / What Came from All That Sp 24:03 Just Season Buy iTunes
27 The Most Horrible X-MAS Ever 24:49 Just Season Buy iTunes




    By a guy that love cheese
    To sum up how bad this is I am going to point out Everything Wrong with Invader Zim: Animation is uglier than Dark crystals animation Ugly Pastels and colors Characters look like cockroaches Terrible voice acting Very Violent and cruel Annoying theme song (I can’t even stand the intro) Annoying characters VERY Unfunny humor This show is so Mean Spirited And Rotten that I end up losing Faith in Humanity whenever I even see A second of footage. The only reason why people like this is because it’s “90’s Nick” or whatever. I can rant and rant and rant all day about this cartoon. If I were to give you 0 stars, I would give you that instead. And Whatever you do NEVER and I mean NEVER watch this show or let ANYBODY else Watch this show.
  • on jah bruh this 100% worth watching

    By Autobotjedi
    best cartoon show ever
  • Please bring invader zim back

    By kilo0017
    I love this show it’s the best in the world and I can’t living without this show.
  • It might be coming back!

    By Bird1232145
    Nickelodeon is making a MOVIE for this show and the show might be airing again too!!!!!
  • Worlds Best Show

    By Zim For Life
    My life is all about this show. The show is AMAZING, AWESOME, GRIMM, And to put it simply Perfect. All I needed to watch my first episode of the show and get me hooked was the theme song. My favorite character is GIR and because of Dib, I became a parenormal investigator myself. I could not live without the show and I hope it comes back soon 💚💚💚
  • Same person voice

    By Piratey Goodness
    Zim sounds like Kaos from skylanders and mixadel from mixels. Cool
  • Awesome

    By Camaro14
    This was on back when I was a kid and 20 some odd years later I love it as much now as I did back then. It's absolutely awesome, never gets old. ❤️
  • What

    By angelo772
    I love this show I’m so lucky that I was able to get it on a sale for $10
  • Pure Madness in Cartoon Form

    By Yorick Delano
    Honestly I'm not sure what to think of this show half the time! A lot of times it's bizarrely funny (all are powerless against Gir,) sometimes it's just plain weird (Bolognius Maximus) and then there are episodes that are just plain creepy and disturbing (Bloaty's Pizza Hog, Bestest Friends), clearly it's the work of a mad genius! I also got my younger cousins into it which is good because I love watching it with them and quoting Gir (cows are my frieeeeeends) but a bad thing because they won't stop hogging my phone! But with everything I said, I believe that this is Nickelodeon's best show (besides Avatar of coarse, not even the Sopranos could top Avatar!)

    By islndlfy09
    Best show ever... absolutely love this!!!!!!