BSG: The Complete Series, Vol. 2

BSG: The Complete Series, Vol. 2

Battlestar Galactica

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release: 2012-12-17
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 40
  • iTunes Price: USD 49.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 49.99
From 894 Certification


Join the fight to save the human race! Now -- you can relive every action-packed moment of the epic Battlestar Galactica saga in this special digital box-set, presented in two Volumes. In Volume 2, you’ll get Seasons 3 and 4 of the critically-acclaimed Syfy smash. In Season 3, the Colonies’ survivors have found their hopes of eluding their Cylon pursuers dashed by an invasion and occupation of their new home. As the fate of all human life hangs in the balance, friends become enemies, enemies become unexpected allies, and decisions are made that will haunt some people for the rest of their lives. In the climactic Season 4, all is revealed as Battlestar Galactica reaches its epic conclusion. From their initial action-packed battles against the Cylons, to their desperate attempts to find Earth - the fabled 13th Colony - a determined band of human survivors now concludes their desperate quest to find a new home for their dwindling numbers. As the fleet journeys into the farthest reaches of unexplored space, our heroes face a crucial decision that will change all of their lives irrevocably.


Title Time Price
1 Season 3, Episode 1: Occupation/Precipic 1:28:13 Just Season Buy iTunes
2 Season 3, Episode 2: Exodus, Pt 1 43:38 Just Season Buy iTunes
3 Season 3, Episode 3: Exodus, Pt 2 43:34 Just Season Buy iTunes
4 Season 3, Episode 4: Collaborators 43:50 Just Season Buy iTunes
5 Season 3, Episode 5: Torn 43:49 Just Season Buy iTunes
6 Season 3, Episode 6: A Measure of Salvat 42:47 Just Season Buy iTunes
7 Season 3, Episode 7: Hero 45:07 Just Season Buy iTunes
8 Season 3, Episode 8: Unfinished Business 43:44 Just Season Buy iTunes
9 Season 3, Episode 9: The Passage 43:45 Just Season Buy iTunes
10 Season 3, Episode 10: The Eye of Jupiter 43:41 Just Season Buy iTunes
11 Season 3, Episode 11: Rapture 43:43 Just Season Buy iTunes
12 Season 3, Episode 12: Taking A Break Fro 43:42 Just Season Buy iTunes
13 Season 3, Episode 13: The Woman King 43:45 Just Season Buy iTunes
14 Season 3, Episode 14: A Day in the Life 43:36 Just Season Buy iTunes
15 Season 3, Episode 15: Dirty Hands 43:42 Just Season Buy iTunes
16 Season 3, Episode 16: Maelstrom 43:38 Just Season Buy iTunes
17 Season 3, Episode 17: The Son Also Rises 44:36 Just Season Buy iTunes
18 Season 3, Episode 18: Crossroads, Pt 1 44:33 Just Season Buy iTunes
19 Season 3, Episode 19: Crossroads, Pt 2 47:49 Just Season Buy iTunes
20 Season 4, Episode 1: He That Believeth i 43:39 Just Season Buy iTunes
21 Season 4, Episode 2: Six of One 43:23 Just Season Buy iTunes
22 Season 4, Episode 3: The Ties that Bind 43:45 Just Season Buy iTunes
23 Season 4, Episode 4: Escape Velocity 43:43 Just Season Buy iTunes
24 Season 4, Episode 5: The Road Less Trave 43:43 Just Season Buy iTunes
25 Season 4, Episode 6: Faith 43:45 Just Season Buy iTunes
26 Season 4, Episode 7: Guess What's Coming 43:45 Just Season Buy iTunes
27 Season 4, Episode 8: Sine Qua Non 43:41 Just Season Buy iTunes
28 Season 4, Episode 9: The Hub 43:48 Just Season Buy iTunes
29 Season 4, Episode 10: Revelations 43:47 Just Season Buy iTunes
30 Season 4, Episode 11: Sometimes A Great 46:40 Just Season Buy iTunes
31 Season 4, Episode 12: A Disquiet Follows 43:45 Just Season Buy iTunes
32 Season 4, Episode 13: The Oath 43:44 Just Season Buy iTunes
33 Season 4, Episode 14: Blood on the Scale 43:43 Just Season Buy iTunes
34 Season 4, Episode 15: No Exit 43:41 Just Season Buy iTunes
35 Season 4, Episode 16: Deadlock 43:38 Just Season Buy iTunes
36 Season 4, Episode 17: Someone to Watch O 43:50 Just Season Buy iTunes
37 Season 4, Episode 18: Islanded in a Stre 43:51 Just Season Buy iTunes
38 Season 4, Episode 19: Daybreak, Pt 1 43:46 Just Season Buy iTunes
39 Season 4, Episode 20: Daybreak, Pt 2 50:36 Just Season Buy iTunes
40 Season 4, Episode 21: Daybreak, Pt 3 46:56 Just Season Buy iTunes


  • But where is Razor?

    By Hdittmer
    Purchase complete series 1 & 2 in HD even though I already had the individual seasons to get HD. Best series ever but no Razor! Why no Razor? Razor does not seem to be anywhere on itunes. Searching for it gets you Blood and Chrome. Which is fine but you need to have Razor to understand Pegasus.
  • Out of Order

    By ksr91
    Eps are out of order!
  • Itunes error.

    By TickerDS
    Episodes are out of order. Unwatchable without an episode guide, please fix apple!

    By furiasfrias
    Seasons and Episodes are not organized in iTunes library when downloaded. This needs to be removed from iTunes store until fixed.
  • Battle star Terrifica

    By Hotbucs18
    One of the best tv shows ever. Great effects, great writing, fantastic acting and it is shot wonderfully! Oh, I forgot the awesome music. One heck of a ride, don't forget to also get, The Plan and Razor with this show as they also go with this series. I Have a life and I can always find time to watch this show over and over..
  • The best show ever!!!

    By rooshdo
    I’ve watched all the different space related shows.. and this show goes beyond just the science fiction part.. it’s about the human condition with space as a back drop. I was little when the original came out in the late 70’s so I was interested to see the new version and wow I was amazed!!! At the time it was on Netflix and I got to watch it for free… And I did take advantage I watched it about 10 times start to finish and if it still was on I’d watch it again. Honestly it is my most favorite show EVER!! I mean how many TV shows are invited to the UN (yes the actual united nations) you can see that on youtube. Obviously its one to see and see again and again. Worth every cent to get.