Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen: Uncensored

Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen: Uncensored

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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2011-09-19
  • Rate: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 4.99


The fast-living movie star has his ass handed to him by a star-studded panel of loudmouths when Roast Master Seth MacFarlane presides over this roast of one of America's favorite bad boys.


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  • This is one of the funnier roasts out there

    By zimcrusher
    Most of the comics did a 70% hit ratio for funny, but there were too many, who were just dreadful. It’s nice that they tried to rotate the roasters a bit for this one, but Damn….. Who the hell was responsible for the choices? Did they go to a bar, and say “How many fingers am I holding up?” “Two?”…. “Close enough… you're in." Steve-O? Really? This was better then Andy Dick, but scraping the bottom of the barrel, only gets us in the ballpark. Who Chose Mike Tyson? This is a man who, when I look at him, I see … comedian? Really? And Most of the roasters looked too afraid of him to insult him. Where did Patrice O’Neal come from? He was hit by some pretty hard jokes, but then his stand-up is like ….. not stand-up. He stood up there, and called people names, and critiqued their performance, like an instructor. Not one thing he said before he talks about Jeff Ross is worth hearing, and after that is only Charlie Sheen. Skip Steve-O, Mike Tyson, The best ones: Jeffery Ross, Amy Schumer, Seth MacFarlane, William Shatner, Anthony Jeselnik, Jon Lovitz
  • Now Boarding the Charlie Sheen Crazy Train

    By D.F.Clayton
    Comedy Central consistently delivers great quality shows with their Roasts. Everybody was super funny and who knew that Mike Tyson could deliver good humor as well. One special thanks goes to Jon Lovitz for the joke of 2011 that has gotten me consistent laughs with everyone I meet and “shoehorn” Charlie Sheen into the conversation. It goes: “And now a joke . . . how much cocaine can Charlie Sheen do? . . . Enough to kill 2 ½ men.” If Mr. Lovitz knew how many laughs I get repeating his joke, he’d charge me royalties. William Shatner made a few cranks to the Sheen rotisserie without hamming it up too much. Jeff Ross who’s such a regular to these events that his peers love to note that this is the only job he can get. He also adds the right amount of seasoning to the roistering Warlock. The late Patrice O’Neal is an excellent roaster as well and has a funny exchange with William Shatner that doesn’t go off-topic too much. The only person that either didn’t understand who the Roast was about, or was incredibly ill prepared, was Jackass’s Steve O. Still anybody willing to run into a reluctant Mike Tyson’s fist has my vote for a future invite. And speaking of future invites, thank you very Comedy Central for not having that, annoying, face-licking, attention grabbing, Andy Dick (head) whose only goal in life now seems to be in seeing how many people he can make cringe till their necks snap with his inappropriate distractions. And of course I can mention all the other roasters and the excellent job they did, but I’m getting a little lazy at this point. Seth McFarlane is the perfect Roast Master in my opinion who perfectly keeps the flow going between Comedy Chefs taking their turn at the Rack-Of-Sheen. He has a mastery of being incredibly funny without stealing attention. Lastly, no matter what a person does, I have a certain amount of respect for some one that tells a boss to (FOAD) and still get another job. Way to go Charlie.
  • Roast of Charlie Sheen

    By TheBestRoastMaster
    This roast was hilarious! So many good roasters! The best was definitely Anthony Jeselnik!!!!!!!!

    By nudemonkey
    If you are looking to buy just one of these I suggest Pamela Anderson, Flavor Flav, Shatner, Hoff in that order…..These Roasts are the best thing on TV, But PLEASE get the old ones so we can buy them too!! Drew Carey, Hugh Hefner, Chevy Chase, Rob Reiner, Jerry Stiller etc….
  • Really Good

    By Wateveruwantittobe
    The only ones that I thought were bad we're Tyson and shumer (that Dunn joke was way over the line, and I usually don't have a line when it comes to roasts). Macfarlane, sheen, jeselnik, lovitz, Ross, all really funny
  • Sheen's spine.

    By LJandC
    Weakest Roast yet.....but look at the subject being roasted. The B minus roasters, just look at the usuals that didn't show.... just shows that no one wanted to do this.
  • Excellent

    By Scuba stephen
    This is excellent. Only reason ratings were high on new season is cuz people were curious on how it all would play out idiot
  • Not That Funny

    By Heartattax55
    It's not what it's cracked up to be... I thought it wasnt that good.
  • It was amusing

    By MellzBellz
    It's not something I'd watch over again because I'd probably get bored. It was really fun to watch the first time though.
  • Winning!

    By Swaggy Swaggerson
    Actually it bi-winning