Family Guy: It's a Trap!

Family Guy: It's a Trap!

Family Guy

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2010-12-06
  • Episodes: 3
  • iTunes Price: GBP 3.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 3.99
From 3,688 Ratings


Clear some space for the third chapter of the funniest freakin’ trilogy in the galaxy! Once again, the Family Guy alliance travels far, far beyond the beyond the boundaries of good taste to bring you an outrageous sci-fi spoof filled with hilarious humor, adequate animation and a happy ending (giggity). So get ready to experience the lighter side of the Dark side with Peter Solo, Chris Skywalker, Princess Lois, Stewie Vader...and some surprising new faces. May the laughs be with you!


Title Time Price
1 It's a Trap! 56:33 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 Trailer: It's a Trap! 02:47 Free Buy on iTunes
3 Bonus Animation Featurette 03:11 Season Only Buy on iTunes


  • Funny but pointless

    By kempy666
    Great finish to the trilogy but c'mon iTunes why do you not have parts one two? What's the point of that? Do you really expect your customers to watch part 3 and not parts 1 & 2? Fail.
  • £15.99 for a film I own!

    By nliwilson
    £15.99 for a film I already own (it's not even a full film, just an extended episode) just to move it from my old iPod touch to my new iPad Mini? What a rip off! Not a happy customer! >(
  • Indeed - £15 is a trap

    By Chopdog in Surrey
    Shame on you. £4.99 for a feature length TV episode in HD - TOPS.
  • £15?

    By Sajh545
    £15 for film i can buy in the shops for 5? i think not, get real apple
  • Free And Mint

    By Josh71201
    I Can't Believe This Free That Is So Mint The Movie Is Spectacular I Watch It 24/7! Go Family Guy Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Huh Huh Huh Huh Who Let The Awesome Movie Family Guy Oh Yeah Wa Chang Waaa Ya I Am Kung Fu!!!
  • Loved it.

    By Scorpion654
    It was great but the price is just to much for it.
  • Awesomeeeeeeee

    By bonkerz n.1
    Wicked awesome best great funny
  • Family guy

    By Henshaw..11
    It is good
  • Too expensive

    By Kingy1232010
    Love this movie but £14.99 is daylight robbery :(
  • family guy

    By mezzbo
    family guy is aswomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee