Dirty Jobs, Season 5

Dirty Jobs, Season 5

Dirty Jobs

  • Genre: Reality & Nonfiction
  • Release: 2010-10-19
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 19
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 24.99
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Mike Rowe is back--showing what makes America run, one dirty job at a time. This season, watch Mike spend a day making yarn out of fleece, install lighting rods, run a bowling alley, help breed exotic animals, combat invasive species in the Florida Everglades and much more!


Title Time Price
1 Exotic Nanny 43:01 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
2 Wetland Warrior 42:55 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
3 Sea Lamprey Exterminator 42:57 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
4 Animal Relocator 43:01 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
5 Lightning Rod Installer 42:20 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
6 Woolen Mill Operator 43:02 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
7 Pinsetter Mechanic 43:07 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
8 Bug Detective 42:55 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
9 Horse Tester 43:16 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
10 Custom Meat Processor 43:05 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
11 Date Palm Pollenator 43:07 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
12 Asphalt Paver 42:20 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
13 Rum Distiller 43:07 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
14 Hair Fairy 43:24 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
15 Scrapple Maker 43:08 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
16 Blueberry Connoisseur 42:25 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
17 Sponge Diver 43:05 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
18 Cedar Log Peeler 43:12 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
19 Termite Researcher 42:55 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes


  • Dirty Jobs

    By OllyOsborne
    haha I LOVE this show!!! I've seen most of the ep.s here though, not gonna buy the album, but shout-out to mike Rowe!! and of course the camera crew, director, whoever else is involved. mike-- a few years ago I saw you walking along talking to somebody on your phone in San Francisco. would've asked for an autograph but the phone.... anyway. love the series!!! - 'when danger lurks and your heart is racing, don't be afraid, be amazing' Dr. Cuthbert Soup
  • Expensive

    By Hahagammer
    It's to expensive ): I was going to get this but it cost $30.00 that is just to much!
  • Great Show - Love it

    By heybitty
    Dirty Jobs is a wonderful show. The show is always funny and a has some interesting topic to learn about. I do not watch television so I wish itunes would make the more recent episode available. Other than that, I have never been disappointed by any episode.
  • <3 this

    By Yo jac
    This show is awesome
  • You will love it

    By william of occam
    Great show! Mike and the crew really enjoy the people they meet and it shows through in the program. Great fun !
  • Best EVA!!!

    By Torigal123456678990
    I love this show!!! GO MIKE!!! Keep being dirty
  • Fantastic

    By Phatboyk
    Who does like getting dirty? For most people no one... If ya want to find out what it's truly like to get dirty and not smell as bad as mike does after most episodes (I'm sure) and have a hankering for learning about what your fellow man/woman goes through to pay there bills than you have found the best show on television, period! Mike won't let you down!! Love the show, so please keep making em and us loyal fans will keep watching! Thank you mike! "from one of the dirty guys"!
  • What

    By Hmh the 6th
    They still make this show
  • : )))

    By "Teddy Pain"
    I love this show : )
  • !!!!!!Their back!!!!!!!!!!

    By Scyco 74-2
    I can't believe it!!!!!!!! Mike Rowe is back!!!!!!!!!!!! For a while i thought that Dirty Jobs was over but it's not! Keep going with the awesome hilarious show Mike Rowe!!!!!!!!!!!!