Tower Prep, Season 1

Tower Prep, Season 1

Tower Prep

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2010-10-11
  • Rate: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 14
  • iTunes Price: USD 11.99
From 8 Certification


Ian, CJ, Gabe and Suki form a united front to uncover the mysteries of Tower Prep. Just as Ian starts to see the benefits of The Program, he becomes a prime suspect in a string of campus thefts. Suki stumbles across clues about the creation of the school’s computer, Whisper. And Gabe runs for class Vice-President, but starts an epidemic that is affecting everyone’s unique abilities. Tower Prep gets more mysterious by the minute – try to keep up!


Title Time Price
1 New Kid 42:36 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
2 Monitored 45:17 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
3 Whisper 46:04 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
4 Buffer 45:13 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
5 The Rooks 45:16 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
6 Book Report 45:17 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
7 Elections 45:05 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
8 Field Trip 45:05 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
9 Dreams 45:07 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
10 Phone Home 45:03 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
11 Trust 45:06 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
12 Snitch 45:08 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
13 Fathers 45:04 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
14 Sneak Peek 23:41 Free Buy iTunes


  • Tower prep

    By tower prep since 2010
    Bring tower prep back please so many unanswered question
  • Childhood show

    By Carlos Campos Larios
    Amazing show, loved it when I was a kid. Why did they ever cancel this?
  • Criminally underrated

    By kat_rose_griffith
    Seriously one of the best shows ever I wish that there was a season 2 because season 1 was amazing. The mystery, the music, the fight scenes, the amazing characters what’s not to love
  • also ian is soo finee

    By Itz.kourtneyy
    its so mysterious and thats one of the things that keeps me interested. it’s like once one of our questions are answered, a list of questions follow and now i have soo many questions that wont be answered .
  • Trow back

    By HeartFox
    Wish is was on Hulu or Netflix god I miss it
  • Tower Prep Season 2

    By power rangers fan
    Please Get Tower Prep Season 2 As Soon Possibly Season 1 Of Tower Prep Was Awesome
  • Great!

    By 7Peque
    It's 2017 and it still holds up. I just remembered the show and decided to buy the entire season. I ain't regretting it, I watched it back in 2010 when it was airing on CN, I was only 11-12, and now I'm rewatching it. I just wished they had it continuing. Anyone who's guessing it, without a doubt it is one of the best from CN Dark Ages. Your money is not going to waste for Tower Prep. (If Paul ever decide to continue he would probably have to restart it and on a different channel.)
  • Ilovetowerprepsoooooooooosoooooooooomuch

    By ilovetowerprepsomuch
    I love the show so much because Paul Dini is a genius! All of the twists are mindblowing. The concept of the school is interesting and you can't wait to see the next episode. I still watch Tower Prep with my brother because it is our FAVORITE show. My brother was 11 when tower prep started. Then he got me hooked on it. And when I watched the last episode and realized that I would never know who CJ's mom is, who the last person who knew about what heaadter's plan was, how Connor got the key to the sewage pipe, who that man in the tunnels was, how they would get home, when and how would they get back to the school to fight WITH headmaster, and a million more. I love tower prep and would give it a definite 5 star rating.
  • Season 2

    By NervyGay
    WHeres season two I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Suzaku1500
    You know, I'm watching this in 2016 and this has always been a childhood television series of mine and I intend to pick up where I left off from. And although I've only watched two episodes so far, I'm in love with this series to the point that it refueled my love for this series as much as it did when I was a child. Thank you for making it available to me even if I have to pay. Because this is worth paying for... 😊😊😊😊😊😊