The Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff: Uncensored

The Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff: Uncensored

Comedy Central Roasts

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2010-08-15
  • Rate: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 2
  • iTunes Price: USD 3.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 4.99


Roast Master Seth MacFarlane leads a dais that includes Jeff Ross, Pamela Anderson, Lisa Lampanelli and more as they celebrate and deride the star of "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider."


Title Time Price
1 The Comedy Central Roast of David Hassel 1:11:42 Just Season Buy iTunes
2 Behind the Scenes Bonus 03:33 Just Season Buy iTunes


  • Wheres the rest of them??!!

    By notacritic5
    There are easily a dozen of these Roasts. Come on iTunes! Get your head out of the sand and put the rest of em up. The one with William Shatner is the best and its not even on here. They're all hilarious in fact. HURRY UP AND GET THE REST OF THESE ON ITUNES. We want em!
  • Not that funny

    By Cynthetic
    I love watching Celebrity Roasts. However, the roast of The 'Hoff falls flat. There are a few funny jokes, but nothing that has me rolling on the floor. I feel like I wasted my money after reading the reviews to buy this. The best Celebrity Roast to watch if you want to bust a gut is of William Shatner. Spend your money on something else.
  • Where was everyone?

    By kc720
    Though the roast was ok for being a CS Roast, I was wondering where all the dais was? He had what, 9 roasters? No band? Look at the other roasts which were held in huge auditoriums, has a dais of 20+ roasters, bands, etc. Just wondering why this seemed to be a "bargain bin" production compared to the others. Probably the least funny of all the roasts. And having Bulk Hogan on there didn't help. Pissed me off to see his son smiling and laughing in the audience.
  • hassal huff

    By spongbob33221
    i thought david hassil huff waz the guy from songbob the movie u no the guy that shoughts spongebob and patrik down 2 bikini bottom with the crown!
  • Hasselhoff Roast

    By freddiebb
    I think the Hasselhoff roast was implorable. I have not heard so many offensive black andracial jokes in all my life. I did not see one black person on the panel or in the audience that was laughing. I wonder why! I can not believe you people say this is funny, but please dont get made at the over the top offensive jokes. Give me a break. These people use these opportunties to really say what they feel about black people and others and do not have to defend their comments because it is supposed to be funny!!! Nothing funny about the entire roast and I turned it off and I am a person that loves and enjoys good comedy and actually watchedmost of his stuff on TV. Appauled!!!
  • Insanely funny and affensive at the same time!

    With a mix of greatly known famous people. What more could you really want?! Besides it's freaking DAVID HASSELHOFF!!! One of the most well known famous person around! I must say I'm not a huge fan of him myself. I like some of his work and I know him well, but you could hate the guy and still get a good kcik out of this, trust me!!!
  • Roasting the Hoff

    By sackattck21
    Great roast...never heard of Whitney Cummings before but ol girl killed it!!! And is it just me or can Hulk Hogan not take a joke??? Dude looked pissed when someone made a sex joke about Brooke...EPIC!!!
  • HoffulRoast

    By Roastaholic
    The Roasts are alway funny, keep your clothes on Andrew Dice Gay, you and Greg and LumpofJelly make the roasts great, but what happened to the dais here??? Hey Comedy Central, I'm available if you can't find anyone!
  • Still as funny

    By itunesjunkie20
    When I watched this (and along with all the other roasts) I laugh so hard. These jokes are so funny, mainly because they are over-the-line offensive jokes. It seems like they were roasting each other more than David Hasselhoff. My favorite jokes: "David likes to talk in the third-person such as 'Don't hassel the Hoff', but he never used something like 'Hey, I've been HOFFered a job'." "Please turn off all cellular devices. We do not want anyone receiving phone calls, so we know what it's like to be Gilbert Gottfried."
  • Great - know to expect INSULT humor!

    By rileythewildchild
    For those of you who do not watch Comedy Central and/or have never seen the roasts or performances by some of the featured roasters (Lisa Lampanelli, Jeffrey Ross, and Greg Giraldo), these specials are intended for people who can withstand offensive insult comedy - the person being roasted included. It isn't "mean-spirited" because the featured guest KNOWS they're being roasted and can take a good joke - they also get their payback at the end. The roasters also roast each other (getting sick of the word 'roast' yet?), so nobody leaves unscathed. But if you'd cringe at hearing jokes like "Hamilton, you're like a walking tumor. Not exactly - it's a big deal when you spot a tumor." or "Hulk, listen... it's the sound of a 19-year-old's balls hitting your ex wife's chin!" then this is probably not your cup of tea.