Mad Men, Season 1

Mad Men, Season 1

Mad Men

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2007-05-18
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 9.99
From 913 Ratings


This is a compelling drama about a prestigious ad agency in New York’s Madison Avenue. Mad Men (an affectionate term coined for those working in the agencies) is set in the early 60’s when sexism, homophobia, dubious family values and misogyny were rife, and smokers were enjoying the last guilt free years of the cigarette. These were the early years of mass consumerism where everyone was selling someone something and ad men were revered. A sophisticated, no holds barred drama from the writer and Executive Producer of The Sopranos.


Title Time Price
1 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 48:39 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
2 Ladies Room 47:02 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
3 Marriage of Figaro 44:13 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
4 New Amsterdam 45:11 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
5 5G 48:03 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
6 Babylon 46:56 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
7 Red In the Face 47:04 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
8 The Hobo Code 48:03 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
9 Shoot 47:35 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
10 Long Weekend 47:57 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
11 Indian Summer 47:58 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
12 Nixon vs. Kennedy 47:50 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes
13 The Wheel 48:25 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes


  • Seasons out of time

    By NIckit7676
    I have seasons 2,3 and 5 from iTunes when they were current, so I can't see why they removed them.
  • Series 2+3

    By Finki26
    Great series -but WHERE is Season 2??!!
  • Why?

    By Brightus Maximus
    For crying out loud iTunes. Get your house in order and put series 2 up for download.
  • Great series, pity about iTunes

    By Jengy00
    I loved the first season of Mad Men but where is season 2 and 3? I want to legally download and watch tv series but can't because it isn't even on iTunes, even though the series is years old! no good.
  • Where is season 2 & 3?

    By Larry_Oatsmill
    Like other reviews - waiting for iTunes to make season 2 & 3 available. Not good that only 1 & 4 are available....
  • Season 2, 3 & 5

    By Ni-Ni1
    Haven't rated as although the series is addictive maybe iTunes would like to explain where consecutive series are and when they will be available. Surely they are fed up hearing this???? C'mon and restore the faith of lots of unhappy and very disappointed customers :(
  • rest of seasons

    By CAS84
    it would be great if itunes could release seasons 2, 3 and 5
  • Where's season 2

    By Lol 1963
    You could turn into a madman just waiting for iTunes to make season 2 available. Cmon apple get your act together.
  • Brilliant.

    By Alice1
    Now hurry up with the 2nd season, please.
  • Excellent...

    By Mad Maddict
    …but, as much as I loved Series 1 (and I really, really like Mad Men) I won't, under any circumstances, be downloading Series 3 or 4 until Series 2 becomes available. The ball's in your court, iTunes.