SNL: The Best of Amy Poehler

SNL: The Best of Amy Poehler

Saturday Night Live

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2009-04-18
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 11.99
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During her seven and-a-half seasons on SNL, Amy Poehler quickly emerged as a a star showcasing her wide range of comedic talents each week through her celebrity impressions, quirky characters as well as serving as the co-host of Weekend Update alongside Tina Fey and later Seth Meyers. Millions watched as Amy also became an integral part of SNL’s 2008 presidential election shows by brilliantly portraying Hillary Clinton. See many of Amy’s original characters like the co-host of Bronx Beat Betty Caruso, one-legged skank and reality-show contestant Amber, and Appalachian Emergency Room regular Netty Beaudance. Also featured are Amy’s hilarious impressions of Sharon Osbourne, Michael Jackson, Kelly Ripa, child star Dakota Fanning, Paula Abdul, First Daughter Jenna Bush, Sharon Stone, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, Nancy Grace, Christopher Walken, Project Runway’s Christian Siriano, Madonna, and more!


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1 The Best of Amy Poehler 38:42 Just Season Buy iTunes



  • 11.99 for ONE Episode! No way.

    By TrevorM7
    I'm not paying 12 bucks for a 38 minute episode. Don't care who it is. Not worth that much!
  • Poehler deserves better!

    By lydiakj
    This video is disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it is funny. But, I LOVE Amy Poehler, and I could have probably found several hours worth of material for a 'best of' compilation...and only a handful of Amy P's actual Best work on SNL is on this video. Meanwhile, sketches that have nothing to do with her, like the Herpes thing and the exercise video, take up tons of time. KAITLIN is one of the best acting performances on SNL in the last decade, in my opinion, and not even a snippet of her is on this supposed Best Of. There are a few other sketches I missed, like Undercover America, but what I really can't believe they didn't include were her best moments from Weekend Update. I know the Palin Rap is amazing, but her delivery of news headlines is so great it got her an Emmy nomination. I mean, there's not even a "Really!? With Seth and Amy" included. I mean, Really!? SNL? Really? If they don't have a volume 2 in the works for some future promotion, then this is really a shame of a collection.
  • Not Even the NBC Store sells this for $12

    By Infantino27
    If you go to the nbc universal online store, the best of amy poehler is 1 hour and 21 minutes and only $8. While I like the convenience of having this on my computer with out any disks, not worth it for the limited time and inflated price
  • Ok

    By jeant2122
    They did not find amy's best, even if the skits were funny.
  • Amy is my fave, but ....

    By MyOpCounts
    Amy is the best - I was pumped that I found her "Best Of" on iTunes, but it's not good! It's not even complete sketches - it's 12 -30 seconds of her from different sketches; Hardly enough to let a joke build or even showcase her talent. I wish I could return :(
  • Amy deserves better!!!

    By Erinbarin23
    When you watch the male comic lead's versions of "best of", it's every character they've done, and a heck of a lot more than 38 mins! Amy is way more talented than a lot of the other cast members of notoriety. My favorite character, Caitlyn, was not even shown! I mean really SNL, total disappointment! Amy deserves a complete compilation of sketches and characters, EPIC FAIL!

    By maddi337
    i feel that amber is one of amy's best characters. i can not find any footage of her as amber ANYWHERE!!!! it is insane
  • wth?

    By HarryPotter4DrPepper
    ok. i loooove comedy,and amy is great! but a full 2 hrs of JEFF DUNHAM for $15 is better than 38 minutes of snl for $12. i mean, SIRIOUSLY!?! A 3 DOLLAR DIFFERENCE!
  • No Way

    By specktacular
    Dont get me wrong, I love amy poehler, but I am NOT going to pay 9.99 for just 38 minutes of her best moments. PLEASE LOWER THE PRICE!
  • Amy is awesome

    By Lee_W_1
    I watched this on tv. I loved it! Hilarious! Get it or wait for it to come on tv again.