MTV's Nitro Circus

MTV's Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2009-02-09
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: GBP 19.99
From 11 Ratings


From Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville, the producers who brought you Jackass, comes MTV's next big smash: the Nitro Circus. Travis Pastrana, the world's best freestyle motocross rider since the age of 14, has built an empire doing things previously thought impossible and always unadvisable. Whether it's jumping out of an airplane without a parachute or being the first person ever to double blackflip a motorcycle, Pastrana does not stop. Joining him in the cast are his equally insane and entertaining buddies: childhood friend and professional mountain biker Jim DeChamp, charismatic loud-mouth nemesis Andy Bell, base jumping daredevil Erik Roner, female motocross sensation Jolene Van Vugt, and husky and hysterical former sheet-rocker Streetbike Tommy. Their hilariously intense and irrational game of one-upsmanship coupled with their strong friendship makes this train wreck the most watchable show in years.


Title Time Price
1 Launch Special 21:48 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
2 Welcome to Pastranaland 22:12 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
3 Lake Medina 21:34 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
4 Viva Las Vegas 22:00 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
5 Hell Compound 21:49 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
6 Home Sweet Home 21:33 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
7 The Circus Heads West 21:49 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
8 Nitro In the Guinness Book 21:50 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
9 Hollywood Nitro 21:47 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
10 Panamania! 21:46 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
11 Puerto Rico 21:49 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
12 Nitro Winter Wonderland 21:50 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
13 Jamaican Me Crazy 21:47 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes


  • Travis is awesome !

    By Custard123
    Love this show they are all talented people! Well maybe not tommy but u gota love him because he always gets hurt. The worst I seen was the episode when he missis the foam pit trying to jump a street bike :-s ha ha funny but looked painfull ! Got a lot of respect for these people :-)
  • watch it over & over, well worth it

    By mclaren2471
    there's not many shows you can watch over & over, this is one you can for sure, making this one of the best value buys on itunes. if your like me (a petrolhead) you'll love it, if your not you'll still be fixed by the stunts, if your not then you need to check yourself for a pulse!!!!
  • boo ya!

    By nl89
    Awesome show!! when are you going to put season 2 up itunes ?!
  • This is cool

    By corcor11
    Coolest show on mtv well worth it!!!
  • Truely fantastic

    By Ed120593
    Stunt shows on TV are noramally safety and boredom as anything performed is regulated by health and safety to the point when all fun is lost, this is simply not the case with Nitro Circus. A must see, if a painful watch at times.

    By #1 Minardi supporter
    This TV show looks seriously cool! Its even more cool because Travis Pastrana is in it!