Childrens Hospital, Season 1

Childrens Hospital, Season 1

Childrens Hospital

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2008-12-01
  • Rate: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 5
  • iTunes Price: USD 3.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 7.99
From 36 Certification


Actor/comedian Rob Corddry (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) has created and stars in Childrens' Hospital, an irreverent satirical comedy that lampoons the medical show genre. Beautiful doctors with tragic flaws struggle with charged emotional and sexual politics in the workplace . . . which just happens to be a hospital for young kids in life-threatening situations. More often than not, the wildly inappropriate behavior of the oversexed medical staff is witnessed by terminally ill pre-teens. No medical condition is too severe to distract these oblivious doctors from their primal need to flirt, gossip, make out, talk about sex, show their underwear, and more, all in front of horrified children and their anxious parents. The series also stars Lake Bell, Ken Marino, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Jason Sudeikis, David Wain, Nathan Corddry, Ed Helms, Nick Kroll and two-time Emmy winner Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) as The Chief.


Title Time Price
1 Week 1: A Hospital Isn't a Place for Laz 10:53 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
2 Week 2: Listen Up People, Life Is Hard 10:52 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
3 Week 3: I'm Calling It, a Very Special E 11:16 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
4 Week 4: Love Why Is It That When You're 09:21 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
5 Week 5: Nut Cutters, Punch It In! 10:51 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes


  • Good.

    By Stabmaster67
    Without a doubt, this show is stupid. Yet it's like it compels to keep on watching.
  • Awful

    By HP_5
    Please don't buy this, these people are satanic
  • For people with a sense of humor

    By ChrisPaps
    If you are easily offended by the raunchier, dirtier brand of comedy than this show is absolutly not for you. This show is hilarious and the cast is tremendous. The thing that people forget is this is a show making fun of all those hospital shows, they aren't taking jabs at the diseases or anything like that, even if that is what the joke is about. If you love to laugh and like senseless comedy, buy the first and second seasons now!!!
  • Buy the SD version

    By CJip
    This is a great show, but save your money and buy the SD version. The HD version looks like a webcast. I've played them both side by side and they look to be the same quality.
  • HD? I'm not sure

    By Bob_LaBlaw
    I love this show. But I feel kind of ripped off. I can't see a single difference between the HD and SD version. Beware!
  • Worth extra stars

    By Coffeebeans21
    Laugh your dick off.
  • Corddry is my hero

    By maverick&knightrider
    Pretty funny and I loved Corddry on the Daily Show, so I'm happy to say he didn't disappoint. And I'm also very pleased that a show that is only 11 minutes costs 99 cents and not a buck 99. Robot Chicken should be taking notes from them. Anyways, it is a good show and is like a more mature/absurd version of scrubs, which is good since they use the same hospital that they used to film scrubs in.
  • Pure hilariousness.

    By Balash78
    I can't recommend this show enough. It's p**s-your-pants funny and for only $4 for the first season it's so worth it. If you've ever watched a hospital drama this will be especially funny and even if you haven't you're guaranteed to laugh.
  • -twitch-

    By theguardlovesyou
    oh my... the 30 second clips are making my head hurt... because the O.R. must be prepped. -dies of horrified laughter-
  • I love it, and I grew up in a childrens hospital

    By kettilman
    This is one of the funniest shows I've come across in a long time. Great satire of all med shows, even mash. I grew up in a ch, I had leukemia when I was a kid, and I can tell you there is nothing offensive towards children in this. The ch is just the backdrop. It makes fun of how doctors are portayed on tv. If you have seen an episode of grays anatomy, and thought, man this show is terrible, then download and watch this one. Funny stuff.