Vexille Movie

Vexille Movie


  • Genre: Animation
  • Release: 2008-07-14
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99


2067: Isolation Japan seals itself off from the eyes of the world in the face of unilateral international policy, setting strict limits on the use of robotic technology. The island nation exists only behind a veil of seclusion. No soul shall enter. No soul shall leave. 2077: Revelation The veil is breached. Japan is infiltrated by agents of the organization S.W.O.R.D., a fighting force operating outside of the protection of the United States and her allies. Their mission: Determine whether the Japanese are developing banned robotic bio-technology, forbidden due to its threat to humankind. In the battle between machine and man, humanity stands to suffer most.


Title Time Price
1 Vexille 1:50:37 USD 7.99 Buy iTunes


  • vexille

    By jayhawks07
    it is a very good show with a good story,i allmost didn't get it because of some of the revews said the story was not good. if they want to see a soap turn on the t.v.
  • Another good anime!

    By gigan1
    This is another home run for anime-tion, as I have seen the Appleseed movie offered on here, and I would say that both of them are very well done in their animation, and the CG in here is absolutely breathtaking. Not too much of a plot though, but the action sequences and the CG make up for that; the only thing I ws disappointed about was that Leon was kinda more like a wallflower and they didn't give him hardly anything to do in the movie. like a lawn ornament. Overall, I would recommend this heartily to anyone who is looking for something good to watch on the sci-fi side, and fills the Japanese void left by Godzilla very nicely.
  • Great CG animation, but story could have been stronger

    By angelsdx
    I was very impressed with the CG work done for this movie, great view points, scenery, imagination, and renditions. Some of it looked so real, you felt you were in an actual scene. Oakenfold beats were just another great addition to this film. However, I felt the story line could have been a little bit more developed and more detail could have been given on each character in order to understand each character better. I would still recommend this movie esp. for the effects and action though.
  • Visually stunning. Excellent soundtrack. Shallow story.

    By iamshaun
    Vexille has some of the most fantastic CGI action sequences I've seen. Fans of Science Fiction and CGI should definitely give this one a try. Although the idea of the story is cool, and the animation is amazing, the story does tend to be a bit shallow.. and without much character development - it's hard to really care for most of the people you're watching. However, if you can go into this one with an open (and possibly influenced) mind.. then it's some good fun.
  • sweet

    By kyo328
    i have this on dvd so i can show is just amazing