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  • not correct

    By i want my 19.99 back
    dont purchase this or season 3. If you already have a home copy of season 2, season 3 on itunes is the exact same thing! dont buy!! rip off from itunes.
  • This is Disc II For the first season.

    By Dias Flac
    I saw a few episodes on adult swim and i fell in love with the white trash squid family. Created by the ATHF team and voiced by some of the same actors it has become one of my favorite shows. The is the second disc to the first season so save your money and purchase it at a different web site or at a nearby store. If you like Early Cuyler's voice you can find Unknown Hinson around the internet. He does original comedic country western music and he is very talented. 5 Stars for Squidbillies. One star for Itunes.
  • This is NOT season 2 !!

    By EricNorwood
    Don't buy. I want my money back. This is disc 2 of season 1, which is available on DVD. F U iTunes.
  • Squidbillies Season 2!!

    By Hugoballin
    The billies are back and squidier than ever!! Just another Great worth while season full of craziness. I advise everyone thinking of buying this to stop thinking and start doing. One of the best shows ever to come out of the adultswim line up.
  • definitely a BUY!

    By beavis1
    Season 2: The Cuyler family is back and powered up for even more crazy antics! Thanks iTunes for uploading this season. What makes it even better is that this season hasn't even been released yet on DVD.