You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown

You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown

Peanuts' Charlie Brown

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release: 1972-10-29
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


Is Charlie Brown running for president? If he wins, will he decree that Lucy shall never again pull away the football right before he kicks it? We've heard about the presidential election between the Democrats and the Republicans — but where do the candidates stand on the issue of the Great Pumpkin? Don't worry; you'll hear all about it as Linus campaigns for president of the student body. It's going to be a close election, and every vote will count. In addition to this special based on the popular Peanuts comic strip from Charles M. Schulz, which originally aired in the early 1970s, you'll find two bonus episodes: "He's a Bully, Charlie Brown" and "What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown." You'll also see Woodstock in his very first television appearance and the introduction of Snoopy's flirtatious student persona, Joe Cool. Let's just hope he's not campaigning for president of the student body as well! Cast your vote for the power of Peanuts, right here! You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown originally aired on October 29th, 1972 and was later re-mastered in 2008.


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  • awsome

    By PatrickJT57

    By purple_dancer
    I've loved Charlie brown since I was little! He and all the other characters are SO funny! You should definitley get this because I know it was worth while! Also get the other Charlie Brown episodes! I do think iTunes should put up the Christmas one.Click yes if you agree!

    By woodstook..<3
    Yay for Itunes! Finally some class! Thanks a bunch Itunes!
  • Peanuts The best Part of The Holidays

    By I-<3-ARCHIE-08
    the thing i love most about snoopy is the family togetherness everyone just sits down when the peanuts specials are on and laughs it is def. one of the best part of the holidays press yes if you agree
  • More More MORE!!!

    By Dadioskitty1021
    I am THRILLED that iTunes is putting up more Charlie Brown episodes!!! Keep them coming! First priority should be the Christmas special, though. What do you think? Click Yes if you want iTunes to add more Charlie Brown!!!
  • YESS!

    By megx32910
    i love charlie brown and the entire peanuts gang! i just wish that they would make more of the originals avaible, like the christmas one, the thanksgiving one and the others. but overall this particular episode is a rerallly good one.

    By dreamrebel
    im so excited, i hope you guy bring more to itunes!!!!!!