Gossip Girl, Season 2

Gossip Girl, Season 2

Gossip Girl

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2008-09-01
  • Episodes: 25
  • iTunes Price: USD 29.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 29.99
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Welcome to Manhattan's Upper East Side, where affluent prep-school students live for gossip and scandal . . . and fashion, shopping and partying in New York's trendiest hotspots. Based on the best-selling series of young-adult novels, this drama is told through the all-knowing eyes of a blogger, Gossip Girl. The tension between friends and lovers is high, and age is no barrier in this world full of wealth and power. Executive produced by Josh Schwartz (Chuck, The O.C.) and Stephanie Savage (The O.C.), and starring an impressive ensemble of young stars, Season 2 continues with Serena van der Woodsen's (Blake Lively) rising social status, as she becomes a New York City It Girl. Taking Manhattan by storm is fun, but when elements of her bad-girl personality begin to emerge, will her newfound status fuel bad habits? Also starring are Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle.


Title Time Price
1 Summer, Kind of Wonderful 42:35 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
2 Never Been Marcused 42:33 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
3 The Dark Night 42:32 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
4 The Ex-Files 42:28 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
5 The Serena Also Rises 42:27 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
6 New Haven Can Wait 42:30 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
7 Chuck In Real Life 42:29 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
8 Pret-A-Poor J 42:33 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
9 There Might Be Blood 42:42 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
10 Bonfire of the Vanity 42:27 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
11 The Magnificent Archibalds 42:42 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
12 It's a Wonderful Lie 42:31 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
13 O Brother, Where Bart Thou? 42:45 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
14 In the Realm of the Basses 42:16 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
15 Gone With the Will 43:17 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
16 You've Got Yale! 42:29 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
17 Carnal Knowledge 42:28 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
18 The Age of Dissonance 42:43 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
19 The Grandfather 42:40 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
20 The Remains of the J 42:45 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
21 Seder Anything 42:24 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
22 Southern Gentleman Prefer Blondes 42:31 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
23 The Wrath of Con 42:28 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
24 Valley Girls 42:32 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
25 The Goodbye Gossip Girl 42:26 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes



    By Wittmeyer4
    This is by far one of the best shows I've ever seen. I have been watching them nonstop and I can't say enough how amazing the characters and plots are! I have recently noticed they use the same scenery scene of the loft building at night. Lol😂
  • Obsessed

    By Dreamerrrr13
    I'm obsessed with this show. I just started watching it because my friend got me addicted! Probably one of the best shows on TV. Its to bad that it ended :(
  • Abuse relation not ok

    By Dont like the writers
    I hate the couple in this serie
  • Love

    By Tiffany128
    Starting rewatching this again, and I've just realized my love for this show all over again. Everything about this show is amazing, but just one thing... I hate Rufus (Jenny and Dan's dad) and I hate Dan even more. They're SO ANNOYING, SO ARROGANT, SO SELFISH, SO NOT UNDERSTANDING!!!!!! I just want to... murder them. I'm not even kidding - i hate them so much. I love Little J, Serena and Blair though :)
  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    By nickayyyyyyyy
    i love this show the best part is the relationship between S and D they look soooooooooooo cute together
  • Gossip Girl Review

    By IloveJonas2356
    This show is absolutely amazing. I have to admit, I judged it before I even watched it. I was so wrong about this show. Chuck just amazes me everytime of how a good person he actually is inside and this show is just absolutely perfect. 5 stars for me without question. :)
  • Best show ever!!!!

    By A.L/cool

    By tippyrox
    This show is perfect. Everything that I love distilled into one show. My favorite NYC hotspots, dashing clothes, and Chase Crawford! Words cannot describe how much I love this show!

    By Shelbbb<33
    This is by FAR one of my favorite shows to watch. Im hooked on it! For ANYONE who loves the OC would absolutely fall in love with this show. I cannot stop watching it. I highly recommend it to anyone. Teens, adults, grandparents?! Yes, its that good!
  • Even better than Season 1!!!

    By GreyGooseLoose
    Just when I thought it couldn't get better - it did. Wow... Chuck is amazing!! Just love love love him!!!!!