Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders

Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders

Doctor Who: The Classic Series

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release: 1974-01-01
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 6
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99


Mike Yates (who left UNIT after his involvement in the affair with the Dinosaurs) contacts Sarah-Jane about mysterious goings on in a Buddhist retreat in the English countryside. Soon it becomes apparent that an extraterrestrial force is attempting to reclaim a crystal the Doctor 'borrowed' from Metebelis 3.


Title Time Price
1 Planet of the Spiders, Episode 1 24:40 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
2 Planet of the Spiders, Episode 2 25:03 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
3 Planet of the Spiders, Episode 3 24:57 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
4 Planet of the Spiders, Episode 4 23:53 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
5 Planet of the Spiders, Episode 5 24:01 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes
6 Planet of the Spiders, Episode 6 24:44 USD 1.99 Buy iTunes


  • Awesome, but...

    By JamesRiot
    I'm absolutely THRILLED this is one here. Great show, great story arc! But, iTunes...c'mon! I've purchased multiple seasons of Classic Doctor Who, and your lack of a filename system has jumbled them all together! Every episode just downloads as "Season: Doctor Who Classic Episode 1" and so on. So, my "Planet of the Spiders" is mixed up with my "Hand of Death" and so on. I had to go in an manusally rename everything while starting each episode to make sure which "season" it went with. Once/if you fix that, this gets 5 stars.
  • Dear Jon

    By akjs2396
    This is, at the age of 30 and a Who fan since I could watch the telly, simply one of the best ever Who stories. I may not have been around for the early years on the tv, but I bought everything that was ever released on VHS. My favorite Dr was William Hartnell and then Pat Troughton, perhaps because of the black and white, but Jon was simply superb and this, his final outing as the then caped crusader, was and always will be one of my favorite stories. It's full of entertainment and climaxes with a touch of sorrow. All tv series, no matter their genre, have a moment that will touch your heart, make the hair stand at the back of your neck. Remember the Only Fools and Horses episode where Rodney gets married and he and Del give each other the look at the end of his wedding reception? Then you know what I mean. Don't ever hesitate over this story, just buy it because you won't be sorry. I like the new stuff, but wish for the past times when the series had a certain charm that I feel has been lost.
  • "A tear, Sarah Jane?"

    By MacrossSD
    I've recently become a fan of the Pertwee years of Doctor Who, and this, his final outing as the Third Doctor shows him at his best. The serial is packed with action and wonder, and ends with an amazing "noble sacrifice" scene (even if getting there is a mite contrived -- what exactly is the Doctor guilty of, again?). The long chase and the ending scene make this serial worth the price of admission. Now, when is iTunes going to put more Doctor Who up? They seem to have spruced the individual pages up...
  • tommy loike sarah jane

    By megalaser
    she pretty
  • Still in love with Sarah Jane

    By ssaattbb
    Alright... I had a crush on Sarah Jane when I was 14, and at 38, I still do! This is a classic episode of transition in Doctor Who, and my VHS copy disintigrated long ago... and since it isn't available on DVD in the US, I'm happy to download it here. The spiders were creepy in their day. Now, not so much, but this episode is a great time capsule of how immaginative televison could be WITHOUT a special effects budget, and WITH a proper story. The blue crystal rocks!
  • Wonderful

    By TeganDrWho
    I would assume that TV14 rating would mean there are some frightening themes to it.. this particular episode was from 1974, and so the frightening scenes would be tamer to our standards today but not back then. This is a wonderful swansong to the Third Doctor. I will not say anymore on that. It is a slightly scary story if you have a fear of spiders. But it made me weep at the end,and if you are a fan of the dear, dandy Third Doctor, you will as well.
  • Planet Of The Spiders

    By Parche683
    An earth colony on the planet Metebelis Three are terrorized by mutant spiders. The leader of the Spiders is constructing a device using Metebelis' blue crystals which will increase her mental powers. Unfortunatly for the spiders the Doctor is in possession of the last crystal, and soon he and Sarah Jane Smith find themselves the focus of the spiders evil plans. This episode was the last for John Pertwee as the third Doctor. Written by: Robert Sloman; Directed by: arry Letts

    By t_roy_spawn
    Been waiting for the new series as well as the old series Doctor Who for a very long time and now its finally here. Thank god!! These episodes may not be all CGI but the stories don't dissappoint. Hopefully they'll add such classics as The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Invasion, Genesis of the Daleks and The Talons of Weng Chiang. Someone wanted to know a chronological order. This is the list as I currently see. Start in this order The Krotons, Spearhead from Space, Terror of the Autons, Claws of Axos, The Time Monster, The Three Doctors, Carnival of Monsters, The Green Death, The Time Warrior, Planet of Spiders, The Ark in Space and that should get you started.
  • What is the order?

    By Bucephelus
    Wish itunes or someone would post an order to watch. As when they download to itunes they are all just bunched together. As I am getting these because I like the new series that would be helpful. Stories are good, but would like chronology. Thanks
  • OMG...Doctor Who on iTunes

    By HannaCarten
    I love it. Fantastic!! Great to have episodes not on DVD yet. Tom Baker would be good but Black and White Doctor Who would be better. Why is it TV14...This is for kids like 8 years old. Hmmm? A must have for any Sci-Fi fan. An awsome step forward for like the best longest running Sci-Fi show ever. Phase Abandon Rocks!!!