Drake & Josh, Season 3

Drake & Josh, Season 3

Drake & Josh

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release: 2007-08-20
  • Rate: TV-G
  • Episodes: 17
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
From 943 Certification


The season starts with a salsa-making competition that ends up with some disastrous results. But then again, what else do you expect with these wacky brothers! Then, Josh breaks a toe, Drake enters a wrestling match . . . against his own girlfriend, Megan adopts a pet sheep (a baaaaaad situation), and the brothers make an appearance on Dr. Phyllis to reflect on all their past moments.


Title Time Price
1 Peruvian Puff Pepper 24:25 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
2 Mindy's Back 24:25 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
3 The Affair 24:25 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
4 Playing the Field 24:30 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
5 Helen's Surgery 24:25 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
6 Foam Finger 24:27 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
7 We're Married 24:25 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
8 Paging Dr. Drake 24:30 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
9 Girl Power 23:35 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
10 Sheep Thrills 24:28 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
11 Little Sibling 23:39 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
12 Megan's New Teacher 23:37 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
13 Theater Thug 23:39 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
14 The Demonator 23:40 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
15 Alien Invasion 23:43 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
16 Dr. Phyliss Show 23:35 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
17 The Drake & Josh Inn 24:28 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes


  • Thanks ITunes

    By lilmicmic141
    This is one of my favorite throwback shows! Buying this made my days way better. But can you complete season 1 and my collection will be complete. You guys are the best!!!
  • Love The Show

    By Smou3809
    It has comedy,drama and it has everything that has to be on a shows …..i love this show
  • Amazing

    By 956565
    My favorite season. I love The Demonator. I love the finally too.
  • LOVE

    By Bunnylvr101
    It's 2014 and I'm still obsessed!! Love them sooooooo much!!!!! 😭
  • Love the show but...

    By katyperryfan999
    I only have paging dr drake well Im gonna get it tomorrow cause I'm downloading Tia and Tamera. Since this is kinda old I wish it was like one of those $5 ones or something like that. But all in all I love the show
  • Dum

    By Prof Red Nel
    I want to buy but can't Hate youItunes
  • OMG Drake and Josh Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By AnimeJilly
    When I was little and the first time I saw the show, I fell in love with it. I think having more bros in the house and a little sister with no parents around most of the time, is really growing up, even if they where kids! It was a fantastic show back in the late 90s, and I LOOOVE Josh!!! Also this aired waybefore Miranda became Icarly! So there ya go! Cannot believe Itunes finally has these series. Gonna save up to get the whole thing! So long TV cable, Itunes TV is IN!!! Also, best part is NO COMMERCIALS! Gotta love itunes!
  • Love it, but....

    By huxell
    What happened to you Drake? You used to be so successful, and now your playing the voice of spider-man on cartoon network. But this show is literally one of my favorites!
  • Greatest Show!

    By Chuck. Norris
    This is my favorite show of all time! I wish it wouldve never ended from nick
  • Good season

    By Talia k.
    I like this season alot but when I bought it two videos didnt load so three words don't buy it it will only waste ur money!!