Dora the Explorer, Special Adventures, Vol. 1

Dora the Explorer, Special Adventures, Vol. 1

Dora the Explorer

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release: 2007-02-12
  • Rate: TV-Y
  • Episodes: 3
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
From 84 Certification


Explore Dora's most amazing adventures in these three double-length episodes! She needs your help as she sets sail on the high seas, journeys into Fairytale Land, and embarks on a dance-along adventure to save Swiper the Fox! Will you help Dora and her friends retrieve a treasure chest from the Pirate Piggies? Can you help her turn into Fairytale Adventure Dora to save Sleeping Boots? And are you ready to dance over obstacles to save the day in a musical way? Then, come on! Vámonos! Get ready for adventure with these three epic episodes!


Title Time Price
1 Fairytale Adventure 46:33 USD 3.99 Buy iTunes
2 Dora's Dance to the Rescue 46:14 USD 3.99 Buy iTunes
3 The Pirate Adventure 47:01 USD 3.99 Buy iTunes



    By redhead123456789
    Dora is AWESOME. I'm not a little kid and I love it.
  • Funny world we live in

    By RotoBl
    I have to stop and think about the reviews I have read. Wonder what these all grown up teenagers were watching at the age 2 to 6. Better yet, what is it that they watch today that makes them the great almighty reviewers of the day. Envy isn't a good thing, but seems that is part of the issue hear. Just so you know, my 4 year old has a 160g classic and an iTouch and to really set you off, a thirteen year old with an iPhone. Dora is one of the better programs out at this time.
  • iTunes you are sad?

    By Mrkjsn
    ??? My four year old uses my iPod when she's in the car and loves it.
  • For the Idiots Who Posted a Review

    By adamjgb
    If the idiots who took the time to post their uninformed, illogical and ignorant responses had taken that time to watch Dora, they would see the valuable lessons the show teaches young pre-school age children. My child has thrived with her language and social skills and had even learned some words in Spanish, which is a valuable skill to have as this country's demographics sway towards needing to understand more than just English. I know there will be more idiots who will respond to this review in the same witless and ineffectual way as their predecessors, but I hope most people who read this find value in reading that I think Dora is a great show for children to watch.
  • What Do I Know?

    By Leisie93
    I hate this show. But I'm 14, so what do I know about quality television for babies and toddlers? It must have some good features if Nick has made billions of dollars off of it.
  • Any of you heard of iTV?

    By matatca
    OK, first of all, all you morons complaining about 3 year olds with iPods, you don't need an ipod to watch the show. Every heard of iTV? This is the best thing that ever happened to us. We live in Europe and don't get any Nick shows, thanks to iTunes and iTV, we can download all our kids favorite shows.
  • Great idea to offer children's shows...

    By vllh
    My three year old LOVES watching Dora on MY ipod - it is a great way to keep her occupied while traveling - especially on an airplane. ifrogz has a great case to put my ipod in that is kid friendly and won't damage my ipod and it has headphones.
  • Great

    By KarinasMommy
    I think this is a great show for children. Not all preschoolers or kindergardeners have ipods, but the parents that do have them, this is a wonderful thing that you can download and keep your little one busy in the car or quiet places.
  • Great for kids...great for parents

    By lizsmom
    I'm so happy these specials are available for itunes. They make car trips painless for me and my 2 yr old. Its great to hear "swiper, no swiping" coming from my backseat rather than "are we there yet". Because of Apple, I can create a wonderful library of TV for my preschooler without having to carry around a bunch of DVDs.
  • Life saver when babysittig

    By blahblahBAM
    This is such a life saver whe I baby sit! I sometimes have to spend 7-12 hours babysitting and the only way to calm them down or for them to fall asleep and take a nap is by watching dora. I either use my ipod and hook it up to the DVD player or play it from a computer and the kids love it. I know spanish so I sit with them and make them repeat the words and after the show, I ask them to say two new words and they get 3 extra min. of park time. Thanks iTunes!