The Atomic County, Season 1

The Atomic County, Season 1

The Atomic County

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release: 2006-11-06
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 1.99


Previously only available to wireless users, The Atomic County, an original animated action adventure series derived from the comic book created by the character Seth Cohen in the hit series The O.C., is now viewable exclusively on iTunes. Comprised of 14 animated shorts that run 2 minutes each, The Atomic County stars four cartoon superheroes inspired by Seth's friends on The O.C.: Cosmolass (inspired by Marissa Cooper) possesses a magic flask and cool Cosmobile; Kid Chino (in honor of Ryan Atwood) can transform his fists into an indestructible metal alloy for a super-powered punch; Lil' Miss Vixen (paying homage to Summer Roberts) rides an invisible Vespa scooter and sports razor-sharp credit cards; and The Ironist (based upon Seth himself) disarms adversaries with his quick wit and mind-bending rhetoric.


Title Time Price
1 Atomic County: The Complete Series 38:22 Just Season Buy iTunes


  • I love it!

    By siiiiima
    I just found AC clips on youtube and I had to have all of them on my ipod! I love how they incorporated minor characters like Zach, Oliver, Trey and Anna (just to name a few) in these little episodes. My only gripe is the change of Cosmo Girl's name...I'm guessing it was changed because there is a Cosmo Girl magazine. Anyway, great concept!
  • iTunes, please provide the rest of "The O.C."

    By Robert Hay
    If you are a fan of the awesome drama "The O.C." then you will like "Atomic County. The characters on this animated mini-series are based off of the characters from "The O.C.": Seth Cohen, Marissa Cooper, Ryan Atwood, and Summer Roberts. In "Atomic County", these 4 characters are put in the roles of teen superheroes -- a wonderful concept, and stays true to the episodes featured in the second season of "The O.C." where "Atomic County" started. iTunes, please PLEASE give us seasons 1 through 3 of "The O.C.", because you already have season 4 on iTunes.
  • Awsome

    By taylortyme
    This collection of shorts is so much fun to watch and you get to discover what comic book character each of the oc's characters would have become in seth's atomic county comic book. Like Type-A is taylor townsend, and luke is all american boy. I think for the next season of atomic county it should be a reflection of season three and four of the oc. Its fun to watch this cartoon version of the show, and i hope there are more seasons to come. To bad atomic county isnt a comic book for real.
  • SEASON 1 & 2!!!

    By Rocket Roe
    Please get seasons 1 and 2 on here. those are the best seasons and will sell really well. If only someone in this giant conglomerate listened to the people. GET SEASONS 1 AND 2!!!

    By wawawabahba
    its a funny show with a great story
  • Come on it from The O.C.

    By UMTigerJ13
    What else can be said. It involves a concept from The O.C. If you are an OC fan this is a must have.
  • Very Cool. but when is the real OC coming to itunes?

    By SummerRobertsJr
    This is very very cool. The OC is my favorite show in the entire world and now that it is cancelled i am heartbroken. but this is so cool to have because it is like a little OC tv memory. It makes me think back to season 2 when seth, summer, and zach worked on the comic book together. and in season 4 when seth sees anna at brown and she shows him the atomic county v-cast on her phone! so please get the OC episodes on here so we can all relive this guilty pleasure! thank u so much.
  • O.C. lover

    By Retro_Chick
    Get O.C. pretty please!!!!!! It's an awesome show and will sell big time!!!!
  • THE O.C.

    By i <3 the oc
    i didn't see this but i am commenting to itunes: YOU NEED THE O.C.! it is an amazing show that so many people will buy! i have been waiting to get a video ipod forever, not knowing that you didn't have the o.c. i just assumed you would since it is/was such a huge hit show. but the fact that you don't disappointed me and all of my friends, and lots of other people too! now i don't know what to spend my gift certificate on!
  • Great, BUT...

    By Kyle Legg
    We need the REAL O.C. for download on iTunes! Please, I beg of you guys!