CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 6

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 6

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2005-09-22
  • Rate: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 24
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 14.99
From 807 Certification


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a fast-paced drama about a team of forensic investigators in Las Vegas trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence. Gil Grissom (William Petersen), grave shift supervisor, heads up the crime lab's dedicated team, which includes Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger), a hard-working single parent with a checkered past; Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), a top analyst with insider knowledge of the gambling world; Nick Stokes (George Eads), a stand-up guy who empathizes with victims via his own experiences; Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), an inquisitive investigator who has more than a professional interest in Grissom; and Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda), a wacky tech analyst turned field investigator. The team also works closely with Captain Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle), the former chief now assigned to Homicide, and Dr. Albert Robbins (Robert David Hall), the ever-professional medical examiner. Brace yourself for a killer season.


Title Time Price
1 Bodies In Motion 43:19 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
2 Room Service 43:49 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
3 Bite Me 44:07 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
4 Shooting Stars 44:07 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
5 Gum Drops 44:41 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
6 Secrets and Flies 44:07 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
7 A Bullet Runs Through It, Pt. 1 40:58 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
8 A Bullet Runs Through It, Pt. 2 43:48 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
9 Dog Eat Dog 42:08 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
10 Still Life 43:19 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
11 Werewolves 44:08 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
12 Daddy's Little Girl 44:10 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
13 Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye 44:14 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
14 Killer 43:59 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
15 Pirates of the Third Reich 43:09 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
16 Up In Smoke 41:58 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
17 I Like to Watch 42:07 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
18 The Unusual Suspect 43:39 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
19 Spellbound 44:08 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
20 Poppin' Tags 42:38 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
21 Rashomama 44:08 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
22 Time of Your Death 41:48 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
23 Bang-Bang 41:20 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes
24 Way to Go 43:20 USD 0.99 Buy iTunes


  • C.S.I.

    By mrs.joe jonas 7
    i<3 this show its the best(:! i<3 you nick(:<3 i<3 C.S.I.(:
  • WHY NOT??

    By AbbyVengeane
    i love CSI with all my heart but it would REALLY REALLY be nice if they had ALL the seasons! I love so many episode, for example, the episode "Play With Fire" where Greg gets caught in the lab explosion in season 3. Please please PLEASE iTunes, GET IT ON HERE!
  • SEASON 5

    By owlsoccer7
    WE NEED SEASON 5!!!!
  • hmmm..

    By xxohellacuteoxx
    itunes needs to get like the soundtracks of all the episodes i have been trying to find music from of the episodes from season 6 and its really starting to bother me :(
  • No Seasons 1-5.....Why?

    By Retrofan5370
    This show; now going into its 10th season, has had a grip on the TV audience since the beginning. Long time fans, like me, want to go back and see some the best cases, and classic episodes like "Cross-Jurisdictions", the show where Katherine and Warrick go to Miami to track a murderer, and work with Lt. Horatio Caine and his team from what would become "CSI:Miami". Fans want to go and see the roots of this show, from the beginning.
  • Where is Season 4??

    By DinaDee
    I'd pay TEN dollars for the "Fur and Loathing" episode... Okay, maybe not ten but I'd definitely be the first person in line to buy it. All of Season 4, actually.
  • Season 5?

    By Milliondollarguy1
    This show is amazing. But come on iTunes, No season 5? I Know you guys are in it for the money because of the outragous prices for one season... but come on, where missing Grave Danger! You'll make a million dollars alone on that one episode ... Anyone agree?
  • Great show but way too much money!! Betcha they would make more $$ if they charged less!!!

    By TerriP40
    I can assure the powers that be that they would 1) sell more shows and 2) therefore make more money. While true that they can charge as much as they want, it only makes since that a more reasonable price would result in more sells, therefore more money!!! Say you are selling something and making $20 per item but you can only sell half as many or less items than you could if you dropped your profit to $10 per item!!! Especially with today's financial woes people are not going to spend money on things like this...it is not a necessity. Add to that they are charging so much and it seems to me that it would make a lot of sense to lower the price!!!
  • Awesome *_*

    By GiaTheGeek
    This show is awesome. I agree that itunes should get the season five finale, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows when any new season nine epesodes are on and if anyone knows please write back^_^
  • Season 5

    By Greenbrier Slugger
    Put up Season 5 I want the season finale when Nick gets buried alive!!!!!