Star Trek: Discovery, Seasons 1-3

Star Trek: Discovery, Seasons 1-3

Star Trek: Discovery

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2017-09-24
  • Rate: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 87
  • iTunes Price: USD 59.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 59.99
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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY follows the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.


Title Time Price
1 Season 1, Episode 1: The Vulcan Hello 42:58 Just Season Buy iTunes
2 Season 1, Episode 2: Battle at the Binar 38:30 Just Season Buy iTunes
3 Season 1, Episode 3: Context Is For King 48:01 Just Season Buy iTunes
4 Season 1, Episode 4: The Butcher's Knife 49:28 Just Season Buy iTunes
5 Season 1, Episode 5: Choose Your Pain 46:42 Just Season Buy iTunes
6 Season 1, Episode 6: Lethe 44:09 Just Season Buy iTunes
7 Season 1, Episode 7: Magic to Make the S 46:52 Just Season Buy iTunes
8 Season 1, Episode 8: Si Vis Pacem, Para 40:52 Just Season Buy iTunes
9 Season 1, Episode 9: Into the Forest I G 47:00 Just Season Buy iTunes
10 Season 1, Episode 10: Despite Yourself 48:25 Just Season Buy iTunes
11 Season 1, Episode 11: The Wolf Inside 48:52 Just Season Buy iTunes
12 Season 1, Episode 12: Vaulting Ambition 37:23 Just Season Buy iTunes
13 Season 1, Episode 13: What's Past Is Pro 43:04 Just Season Buy iTunes
14 Season 1, Episode 14: The War Without, t 48:58 Just Season Buy iTunes
15 Season 1, Episode 15: Will You Take My H 45:15 Just Season Buy iTunes
16 Season 2, Episode 1: Brother 1:00:28 Just Season Buy iTunes
17 Season 2, Episode 2: New Eden 43:42 Just Season Buy iTunes
18 Season 2, Episode 3: Point of Light 49:26 Just Season Buy iTunes
19 Season 2, Episode 4: An Obol For Charon 51:20 Just Season Buy iTunes
20 Season 2, Episode 5: Saints of Imperfect 52:01 Just Season Buy iTunes
21 Season 2, Episode 6: The Sound of Thunde 55:53 Just Season Buy iTunes
22 Season 2, Episode 7: Light and Shadows 39:47 Just Season Buy iTunes
23 Season 2, Episode 8: If Memory Serves 54:24 Just Season Buy iTunes
24 Season 2, Episode 9: Project Daedalus 52:52 Just Season Buy iTunes
25 Season 2, Episode 10: The Red Angel 47:38 Just Season Buy iTunes
26 Season 2, Episode 11: Perpetual Infinity 48:54 Just Season Buy iTunes
27 Season 2, Episode 12: Through the Valley 45:36 Just Season Buy iTunes
28 Season 2, Episode 13: Such Sweet Sorrow 47:53 Just Season Buy iTunes
29 Season 2, Episode 14: Such Sweet Sorrow, 1:04:53 Just Season Buy iTunes
30 Season 3, Episode 1: That Hope Is You, P 51:24 Just Season Buy iTunes
31 Season 3, Episode 2: Far From Home 53:24 Just Season Buy iTunes
32 Season 3, Episode 3: People of Earth 48:03 Just Season Buy iTunes
33 Season 3, Episode 4: Forget Me Not 54:55 Just Season Buy iTunes
34 Season 3, Episode 5: Die Trying 55:23 Just Season Buy iTunes
35 Season 3, Episode 6: Scavengers 48:31 Just Season Buy iTunes
36 Season 3, Episode 7: Unification III 50:02 Just Season Buy iTunes
37 Season 3, Episode 8: The Sanctuary 47:16 Just Season Buy iTunes
38 Season 3, Episode 9: Terra Firma, Part 1 47:55 Just Season Buy iTunes
39 Season 3, Episode 10: Terra Firma, Part 49:06 Just Season Buy iTunes
40 Season 3, Episode 11: Su'Kal 54:48 Just Season Buy iTunes
41 Season 3, Episode 12: There Is A Tide... 47:32 Just Season Buy iTunes
42 Season 3, Episode 13: That Hope Is You, 1:01:59 Just Season Buy iTunes
43 This Season On Star Trek: Discovery 02:10 Just Season Buy iTunes
44 Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look At Star Tre 03:08 Just Season Buy iTunes
45 How Star Trek: Discovery's Mirror Univer 03:53 Just Season Buy iTunes
46 How the Klingons Were Reimagined for Sta 03:02 Just Season Buy iTunes
47 Here's How Star Trek: Discovery Brings I 01:30 Just Season Buy iTunes
48 Composer Jeff Russo On Scoring Star Trek 01:50 Just Season Buy iTunes
49 Star Trek: Discovery's Visual Effects Cr 02:03 Just Season Buy iTunes
50 See Star Trek: Discovery Props Go from S 02:41 Just Season Buy iTunes


  • A groundbreaking Trek!

    By Artemis9991
    Star Trek Discovery across its three seasons have created brilliant and lovable characters, anchored at the front by Sonequa Martin Green’s consistently amazing performance as Michael Burnham, whose journey to Captaincy is a long road of self discovery fraught with danger and trauma but she rises to the occasion every time, just like the best of the Trek captains do. Dynamic stories that include one of the most well laid twists in Trek, great character relationships, powerful performances, and the revival of an old legendary character no longer lost in the footnotes of Trek history and soon to get his own series — Discovery shows that it not only understands where it comes from but also how to lead the franchise into the future. Some in this review section will no doubt have screamed about how this show isn’t groundbreaking or progressive while ignoring that onscreen and offscreen, marginalized groups are more represented in Trek now more than ever, especially with the first lead LGBTQ+ characters portrayed by LGBTQ+ actors. Some will also diminish the importance of Michael Burnham as the first Black female captain to lead her own show, but these same people shouted down the same to Sisko and DS9 decades ago. In many ways, Discovery is the spiritual successor of DS9, taking in its many elements of serialized storytelling and emphasis on the bonds of family and diversity and understanding of mental health and addressing the traumatic lives of our beloved Starfleet officers. Discovery brought many firsts into the franchise, and also serves as a strong platform to speak to the issues of today as Gene Roddenberry always wanted Trek to be. Some will no doubt say how dare this show has “politics and agenda”, that it’s ruining Gene’s vision but his vision has always been about using Star Trek to comment on society and how we can improve, politics and agenda are intertwined with the Star Trek he created. Discovery carries on his tradition and as it journeys into the far future of the 32nd century, it will be creating new grounds for future shows to follow. And no matter how much a certain reviewer will shout, the show did not steal anything from some unpublished video game that actually stole more from Star Trek and other science fiction stories — which the court agreed and thus dismissed the case. Star Trek Discovery is a breath of fresh air for Trek, bold and always moving forward, it is not afraid of the unknown and taking us into the future!
  • An Ever Expanding Adventure

    By HarriKun
    Star Trek Discovery is an excellent addition to the Star Trek franchise. As a long time fan myself I was never happy with what JJ Abrams did to the franchise over a decade ago. The movies he made didn’t have the proper feel. Star Trek Discovery seems to fuse the old and the new together in a way that certainly works. The storylines are absolutely fantastic, and the direction the plot goes in is very unexpected and entertaining. Proper head nods are given to older series of Star Trek as well. The only thing that is holding me back from giving the series a full 5 star review is that the series is far from family friendly. The themes are very mature and liberal in a way that I find very negative. This certainly will put some people off. Besides this, the story is absolutely fantastic and is worth a watch by any adult Star Trek fan.
  • This show isn’t Trek

    By TJ05
    It’s poorly written and concerned more with agenda and checking the boxes than telling a good story. Every episode is about how the not first black woman is a captain of a ship, which she didn’t rightly earn. The main character, Michael Burnham...also known as “Space Jesus” a self centered and undisciplined Starfleet officer who doesn’t follow the chain of command, but expects everyone else to follow her lead. She cries in almost every episode...9 out of 14 in season 2...and saves the ship countless times when she was the one who put them in danger in the first place as we see in the very first episode. No one needs to wear a red shirt around her on away missions because she’s bound to get them she did with her captain that was also in the very first episode. The writers and producers of this show care nothing for canon or what Star Trek itself represents. In fact, Alex Kuntzman himself said in a zoom call that his Star Trek is a platform. Star Trek doesn’t need to be a platform for politics or agendas. Star Trek has always been progressive. Michael Burnham is neither the first black, first woman, nor even the first black woman to sit in the chair. That honor goes solely to Madge Sinclair who was the first black, first woman, and first black woman in Star Trek. Alex Kuntzman and Bad Reboot claim they are making progressive first strides when they clearly aren’t doing anything, but lying and stealing story ideas to produce garbage. In fact, the entire first season was stolen from a video game right down to the details of what the actors and costumes look like to the space traveling tardigrade. My advice to you is to save your money and forget this show. If you need to stream any Star Trek, I suggest the original series up to Star Trek: Enterprise. There is where you’ll find good writing and the true vision of Gene Roddenberry.
  • Even Jake won’t insure this

    By iHelobot
    This show is such a disaster that Jake would soil his khakis. The writing is poor and the acting is not much better. I won’t let kids watch it because there’s no heroes in this show. Just conceited characters with unchained neurosis.
  • A great sci-do show!!!

    By iRobNJ
    Every episode is like watching a new Star Trek movie. Great cast, lots of action, tons of emotion, and plenty of callbacks to classic trek. Love it!
  • Worth Paramount+

    By BornFreeVail
    Truly a great show... I think that through three seasons, this show is as good as TNG, DS9 and Voyager, better in some ways. Anson Mount as Capt. Pike and Rebecca Romijn as Number one are great canonical additions made in season two, and the same can be said about Capt. Lorca in season 1 and Cleveland Booker in season 3. The cast is talented, and making additions and subtractions to the core and supporting actors is really a great showcase of actors. The Captain's Chair is brilliantly held by Michael Burnham, a dynamic, multifaceted, and entirely unique character; the phenomenal actor Sonequa Martin-Green, it would be impossible to understate how masterfully she plays the leading role.
  • Not Star Trek

    By leaym1dr
    This show is terrible. They should not consider this Star Trek. Just call the show Michael Burnham. I’m so tired of her being the savior of everything, her speeches, her maudlin pleas for everyone to come together. What happened to the slow pace of The Next Generation? Where they explored and made discoveries and it wasn’t about constant battles and explosions?
  • Garbage

    By HMS Beverly
    I have honestly never been so disappointed by a show as I have by Star Trek Discovery. Absolute mindless garbage; terrible writing, terrible casting; just awful. But great CGI explosions!
  • Amazing show

    By Mr.Harbinger
    I feel it’s a great edition to the Star Trek Universe