Girl in the Basement

Girl in the Basement

Girl in the Basement

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2021-02-28
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 3.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 4.99


Inspired by true events, this is the story of Sarah, a teenager imprisoned by her father in the basement of their family home for over twenty years. The father told his family that Sarah had run away with a boyfriend they disapproved of. Meanwhile, as the years went by, he would secretly visit her in the basement, raping her while her mother and siblings continued living upstairs.


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  • sad and heartbreaking

    By kaylee michele
    i already knew i would like this movie but it’s just so sad and the poor kids and mom
  • A horrible movie

    By SharkFan from 2013
    I watched this movie on Hulu, which I didn’t realized it was based on a true event, and I find it VERY sad how this man just kept his own daughter for over 20 years. But this review isn’t about the girl, it’s about the most retarded people in the film, and I was severely judging them so hard on how they didn’t do anything when they found clues about Sarah being in the basement for so long. If I was in this event, I would just check the Man’s house upstairs and downstairs (even the basement without permission) to see anything has gone missing, and if I find a sliding door or cellar prison, and if found the girl (who the father claimed to runaway) I would arrest him and ask him question on why he kept his daughter in the basement for so long (before the 20 year mark). If I find the reason why, he would be prison for the rest and unholy life. This is just rant on how these people were retarded and didn’t do anything when they saw clues of Sarah being the basement and me if I was in this event, and with sense of the girl in the basement and arresting the father immediately.
  • The girl in the basement.

    By Dylan and Luca perazzo
    Being an avid fan of reality crimes , don’t really need to see this movie to know that I’ll like it. Needless to say: the topic couldn’t have been more disgusting.
  • Loosely follows the Fritzl story

    By Debbie Gilliland
    It follows the actual events as well as it probably could have, but the movie couldn't capture the horrors that family went through. The real-life participants are far more scarred at the end of their ordeal than the movie could ever express. Peace be to the family that endured this horrific tragedy.
  • Potpourri of Assualts

    By nshdjamchnsndc
    From the first moments of the movie, the viewer is assaulted with incidents of abuse. We all anticipate such from Lifetime Productions. This however has broken all previous molds. No connection with characters, no plot other than a vehicle to illustrate all versions of abuse. Judd, do you not have any other offers? The days of Breakfast Club, New Jack City are clearly a thing of the past.
  • Pie pie pie

    By sean rawlins
    Yeah pie is great, don’t you guys think ? I mean I don’t like the usual fruit pies... or meat pies. But like chocolate turtle, or cream pie, or Lemon meringue that’s the good stuff.
  • Horrible

    By sabrinae24
    I did not like the movie when they locked the girl in the basement and did not give her no food to eat
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    By Cecih58
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  • Intense!

    It's difficult to imagine what this poor girl and her children went through. Incredibly great acting.