South Park, Season 24 (Uncensored)

South Park, Season 24 (Uncensored)

South Park

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2020-09-30
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Episodes: 2
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 9.99
From 3,223 Ratings


South Park is an Emmy Award-winning animated series about four boys living in a screwed-up Colorado town. Between tragedies global and local, as well as parental and celebrity interference, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny manage to have themselves a time.


Title Time Price
1 The Pandemic Special 47:27 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes
2 South ParQ Vaccination Special 46:55 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes


  • Rip off

    Where’s the rest ?
  • Missing The Other Half

    By LegendsKeep
    Hello Itunes, did you know that the Paramount Exclusives have actually merged with these two episodes making this season a four feature length season. This seasondisplayed is now officially incomplete Itunes. As the missing episodes "Post Covid" and "Post Covid The Return" should now be made available.
  • R.I.P. off

    By bbb2244
    What a con. Only 2 episodes (equivalent of 4 for run time, I suppose) but what a rip off. Not happy.
  • Maybe the last time I buy

    By Elgweiro
    Pricing in Apple is bloody stupid. I’m going back to Old Skool now; either disc and rip or download elsewhere. Until price models and attitudes change (mentioning Star Wars compilation for sale too) no more money from me! If everyone adopts this attitude Parker and Stone will take notice!
  • No sign of episode 3

    By Chris247prague
    Why not on apple when released elsewhere?
  • Great so far

    By Friday_86
    Really dig the series so far. The episodes are specials so they’re a bit longer than usual. The only down side to this season is the lack of communication on when the U.K. will get more episodes. I’m sure that it has much to do with the pandemic and the recent deal with Paramount and their streaming service in the US. I purchased the two episodes individually, and that still leaves £5.01 to pay to complete the season. Hopefully that is an indication that we will be getting episodes to complete Season 24. So, Comedy Central, Paramount, sort it out a the rest of the world can watch the new episodes too - you know, the other millions of fans of the show that you have seemed to ignore.
  • Only 2 eps because of Paramout Exclusive deal

    By Chris D Atkinson
    Keeping the new Post Covid episodes separate (Paramount Exclusive) means that this is very bad value at the moment. Wait and see if anything is added, otherwise buy separately and save half!
  • What a Swizz

    By Fab3rge
    Two episodes for a tenner, bravo iTunes, I thought it was too good to be true. Cheaper to buy separately
  • £10 1 episode

    By ry87
    Thought this was a season,feel conned
  • Any more episodes coming?

    By Ewanthejones111
    So far, 8 months after spending a tenner on the season pass, there are only 2 episodes (less than a drive to buy separately). I’d love to know if any more eps are coming for this season or whether they’re going to announce a new season 25. Either way, these should probably have been advertised as individual double-length episodes only, and not as “season” 24.