From the Earth to the Moon

From the Earth to the Moon

From the Earth to the Moon

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release: 1998-04-05
  • Rate: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 14
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • HD iTunes Price: USD 29.99
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Throughout history, mankind has dreamed of touching the stars. With the Apollo program, America turned that dream into reality. This exclusive 12-Part HBO Miniseries Event tells the full story of the Apollo space program, from the 1961 Presidential challenge that inspired it to the 1969-72 lunar voyages that defined it.


Title Time Price
1 Can We Do This? 59:53 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
2 Apollo 1 1:00:05 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
3 We Have Cleared the Tower 59:42 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
4 1968 54:03 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
5 Spider 56:13 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
6 Mare Tranquilitatis 56:06 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
7 That's All There Is 49:11 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
8 We Interrupt This Program 48:55 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
9 For Miles & Miles 49:47 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
10 Galileo Was Right 55:17 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
11 The Original Wives' Club 57:06 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
12 Le Voyage dans la Lune 59:03 USD 2.99 Buy iTunes
13 From the Earth to the Moon: Trailer 00:37 Free Buy iTunes
14 From the Earth to the Moon: Inside the R 11:09 Just Season Buy iTunes



  • Remastered release as beautiful 50th anniversary tribute

    By Yankee__Girl
    This was already hands down THE best HBO series ever. Now so wonderfully remastered it became a amazing tribute and homage to celebrate the 50th amniversary of the moon landing as well as the entire space program, from Freedom 7 to Apollo 17!
  • About Time!!

    By Film Score Nerd
    Great series! Score Please!!!!!
  • Looks great in High Definition, but...

    By Crewzcontrol
    ... They cropped the original 4:3 ratio to make it a widescreen presentation. And sometimes the bright scenes are a little too bright. But overall, it's still one of the best miniseries out there. The sound has been remastered and all the special effects have been updated to hi-def cgi. It looks beautiful, the drama and stories are still there. If you loved it before, you'll still love it, and if you haven't seen it, pick this up.
  • Pristine, defines the standard for all historical miniseries!!

    By wyo11
    Phenomenal!! I remember watching the HBO miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon" when it orginally aired back in 1998, it turned me into a complete NASA space program buff.....NASA is cool!! I believe this miniseries set the standard for bringing HISTORY ALIVE !! and started a new genre/style of historical HBO miniseries to live up to for all other networks to follow. HBO did live up this high standard again with "Band of Brothers" and "the Pacific", however this one is the best, hands down in my opinion. I purchased the original standard definition DVD set years back and have been searching for it in an HD format ever since with no luck, every few years I would do a search to see if I could it in HD and add it to my collection, no luck. Finally here!! and great timing I might add with the 50 year anniversary of Apollo II. This is a fanatsic fully remastered HD verison!! PRISTINE in HD on APPLE 4K TV!! It's a great purchase on iTunes, the days of filling bookshelves with jewel cases are long gone.....building a digital library is the way to go!! and this is a must have for fans of historical miniseries!!
  • My life as a kid growing up

    By talkjava
    Grew up and lived in the Cocoa Beach area. Love the detail and recognize a lot of location shots were accurate.
  • Finally! Perhaps my favorite miniseries of all time.

    By ladyfractal
    I watched this when it first came out and I was absolutely captivated and blown away. I watch 1968, Spider and Mare Tranquilitus at least once or twice each. The music from Spider is just incredible. (As an aside I wrote to the composer who sent me an mp3 of it) This miniseries really takes up where The Right Stuff left off. There are things here and there but overall the versimilitude gave me a sense of what was going on around me during those days in July of 1969. I was two years old and can't access anything I'd dignify by memory but this gives me a sanitized and dramatized sense of what it was like in our living room. If you are old enough to remember this history directly, this will be a satisfying trip down memory lane. For those of us who were old enough to witness it but have no accessible memories of what we witnessed, this will give you a sense of what it was like to be in the room when the world heard "Tranquility base here, the Eagle has landed". If you were born afterward and wonder why people older than you got so excited, see what you missed. I have been waiting for this to come to iTunes for *years* and had just consigned myself to having to watch the series on my disc. Hallelujah, my nerdTV prayers have been answered!
  • Simply the Best!

    By UofMBob
    The days of watching episodes on YouTube are over. The best docuseries ever!
  • Magnificent

    By Ryakkan
    This series is one of the best ever made. HBO knocked this out of the park. It's been missing from digital and finally it's here.
  • Amazing series

    By Infonickman
    Great to see it on here finally. Shows many of the challenges we’ll. Amazing score.
  • Amazing

    By Irken623
    One of the absolute best mini series ever made. I've had to buy the DVD set 4 times over the years since this originally aired. Been waiting a long time to see this get released on itunes or any other platform. Must have for any space junkie.