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  • Edited/not extended version

    By Pokie1998
    Pretty disappointed the series isn’t the uncut version. Was expecting the full-length dvd episodes. It’s bad enough I can’t watch the bloopers without getting out my dvd set. Just glad I purchased the series on sale and didn’t pay the original price of over $100+. 👎🏼
  • Every episode is cut off on the end.

    By Laz Apple
    It is horrible, how can they cut the last couple seconds, you will miss the last jokes, it fast forwards to the next episode. This is not how Apple should treat movies.
  • Where are the bloopers??

    By DangerNacey
    Purchased at the seasons at once, where are the extras and bloopers 😭😭
  • Overrated

    By A Past User.
    The comedy is stale, the acting is just miserable, the unnecessary drama between Ross and Rachel is so unbelievably ridiculous. I hate fake “aawwwws” and the fake “hahhahahhahahas” It just proves how mediocre and overrated this show is. There’s a hundred other shows like it and they’re all a copy. So please tell me what so special about this one!? Unless it’s just “nostalgia”
  • Overpriced

    By NHL NBA
    Please lower the HD price for this show. Its way to high. And if possible please release this show in 4K.
  • Slightly disappointed

    By Tikikichan
    I wish it wasn’t cut version... I was hoping it would be a uncut version but like what other said on the review it wasn’t the case. I do still enjoy the show...but disappointed.

    By Louangel09
    I remember when it was on sale during the anniversary in 2019 and unfortunately couldn’t afford it. THANKFULLY it went on sale today for $60 and I JUMPED for it. I’m not trying to rely on streaming services. I rather own the content. THANK APPLE!
  • People whining about shorter episodes are clueless

    By p@is
    Great series. Do some googling and you’ll understand the problem. We’ll probably never see the expanded episodes on iTunes. The original source material no longer exists, if it does is not in widescreen format, and most certainly not in HD. Buy the DVDs if you want it.
  • Love friends but really iTunes?

    By vvoguejulio
    I purchased literally not that long ago and so many people had complained about the price never dropping so I figured might as well purchase at the retail price just to see it drop down. Shady ITunes.
  • 🎶...Life was gonna be this way 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎶

    By David O. O.
    It’s Friends people, who didn’t enjoy binging hours before going to bed when it was on Netflix. Now it’s gone from Netflix and at $49.99 limited time price for the complete series on iTunes, fahgetta bout it, it’s a must have. Watch for hours wherever and on whatever device you want. So great. Thank you Apple.