SNL: The Best of Jimmy Fallon

SNL: The Best of Jimmy Fallon

Saturday Night Live

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2006-01-10
  • Rate: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
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Jimmy Fallon went from being one of Saturday Night Live's biggest fans to being one of its biggest stars. Relive Fallon's funniest sketches from his six-year run on TV's award-winning late night show. This Best Of includes Jimmy with Mick Jagger, Jarret's Room, Sully and Denise, Jeopardy, Weekend Update and clips from his best impressions.

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Mick & Jimmy Backstage
Opening Montage
Jeopardy - Stiller
Jarret's Room - Facebook Awards
Barry Gibb Talk Show
Impressions Montage
Update Montage
Sully & Denise - Party
Update: Flashback Songs
Tuscan Vineyard: Cork Soaking
A Christmas Treat For All
The Leatherman
Van Morrison St. Patricks Day
Nick Burns-Computer Guy
Abducted By Aliens/Credits


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  • Love Jimmy Fallon!! <3

    By MADKC4Ever
    He's adorable, and he's HILLARIOUS! Like Andy Samberg, he's just one of the adorable little dorks you just have to love! This is the "Best Of", and it really lives up to it's name! These are some of the best Jimmy Fallon skits ever on SNL, and if you are a fan of SNL, or Jimmy, then you need to pick this one right up! Also check out his recently hosted SNL episode, the best episode of last season! <3
  • The Best of the Best of SNL

    By Summer777
    Amazing compilation of Jimmy at his best. He is easily one of the GREATEST musician impressionists I've ever heard. Love Mick Jagger and the Rooster. All time favorite is Van Morrison St. Paddy's day tribute. He has such an amazing style of comedy mixed with music. Nancy is a lucky woman. It's too bad he is too often confused with Jimmy Kimmel (whom I also adore). Cheers Jimmy! Your the greatest. Summer Fisher Greenwood Village, Colorado
  • Jimmy Fallon<3<3<3

    By ShayKay29
    Jimmy Fallon is a genius!!! I used to think that him laughing during his skits was unprofessional, but that IS his charm:) Any character he does is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable because he makes it his own with his cute personality. I don't know what it is about Jimmy Fallon-"The Barry Gibb Talk Show", "Weekend Update", "Jarret's Room", "Z105", The Boston Teenagers, etc...-every sketch just works!! Why do people not like him?!?! Grrrrrr... His impressions are the best I have ever seen/heard on the entire show: Carson Daly, Pat O'Brian, "American Idol (Ryan & auditioner), Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, John Mayer, Robin Williams, ect...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy Fallon is one of the most hilarious people to star on Saturday Night Live; and by far one of the cutest:X (P.S. Jimmy Fallon IS A GENIUS!!!) (P.S.S. If you want more Jimmy Fallon check out his album: "The Bathroom Wall")
  • morons who give one star dont get that

    By Portlands Finest
    the fact he laughs in the skits is his charm!
  • this is sooo funny

    By Allyssa_Graham
    you people who think this stuff is crap well then your crap this is soooo funny and i think laughing in the schech makes the show better i LOVE jimmy fallon.
  • Jeez, guys

    By jomarie07
    Really, it's all a matter of opinion. I have Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon, and i think that when Jimmy laughs, it's obvious that it's because he's having fun with it. Chill.
  • Jimmy Who

    By guywithabluebelt
    This show has not been funny since 1992. And with people like him its no suprise.
  • not the best but certainly good

    By buttercupteach
    jimmy fallon is by far one of SNL's more talented comedian and always has me laughing shame on you THE MIKE... he is not SNL's worst cast member

    By Azevedo
    By Far The Best. His impression of Adam Sandler is great! He sounds just like him! I RECCOMMEND THIS! ITS WORTH THE MONEY
  • Jimmy Fallon is awesome

    By El Burro
    Don't listen to these other guys saying Jimmy Fallon laughs at his own joke. He does, but that's what makes him Jimmy Fallon. He doesn't ruin the skits he makes them better. It's not like he's doing anything clumsy in the middle of The Weekend Update. Jimmy Fallon is not the best SNL actor, but he's in the top 10!