The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

Byr Christopher Nolan

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release: 2008-07-18
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 2h 32min
  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Producer: DC Comics
  • Country: United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan reunite following their blockbuster success with Batman Begins! This time, Heath Ledger joins the cast as The Joker, and Aaron Eckhart stars as Harvey Dent in an all-new adventure of The Dark Knight. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and new district attorney Harvey Dent (Eckhart--Thank You for Smoking), Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham City forever. The three enjoy early success, but they soon find themselves prey to a rising criminal mastermind known as The Joker (Ledger--Brokeback Mountain), who throws Gotham into anarchy and forces Batman ever closer to crossing the line between hero and vigilante.




    By refael2004
    By far best movie ever made by WB.
  • One of the best movies ever made!!

    By JackInfinity203
    The Dark Knight is one of the best movies of all time!! Christopher Nolan knocks it out of the park with this masterpiece!! The acting, the cast itself, the action, the spectacle, the cinematography, and everything about it is PERFECTION!!! This movie revolutionized the CB genre and movies forever, and it features one of the best antagonists of all time in the form of Heath Ledger’s Joker! The Dark Knight is not only one of the greatest sequels of all time, but it’s also my favorite Nolan film to date!! 10/10
  • Absolute Masterpiece

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    A film wrongly considered by some overrated, a film snubbed by the Academy Awards, a film that forever changed the landscape of comic book movies. Christopher Nolan’s screenplay and direction are flawless. Heath Ledger’s chilling performance as The Joker is one for the ages. Not to overshadow Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, or Gary Oldman as James Gordon. But the one performance that is possibly very underrated and overlooked, is Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, the heart and soul of this story. His rise to legend and fall from grace makes his arc among the greatest cinematic tragedies ever portrayed. In addition to being visually stunning, The Dark Knight not only succeeds as a comic book movie, but is an extremely beautiful and heart-wrenching crime epic. This is as close to a masterpiece as a blockbuster will get. 10/10
  • My third favorite film.

    By I rarely write reviews.
    Nuff said.
  • genuinely one of the best movies i’ve ever seen

    By ar.son
    ive watched this so many times i cant even remember and every single time you can find something new or realise something that gives the movie a fresh take and meaning. it’s a masterful work of suspense and truly my favorite batman film
  • Movie

    By Alex91166
    Good movie
  • Awesome movie. Bad encoding.

    By JAR521
    This is about the actual video. On Apple TV and iPhone 11 Pro, there is an encoding issue around minute 8 and last about 3 minutes. Not sure if there’s a place to report this issue.
  • Movie great! Video aspect ratio frustrating.

    By Adam234
    I gave up my blu ray copy of this movie and bought this iTunes version instead. Should have read the reviews first. Here’s the deal: if you enjoy the extra nice full screen imax sections of the movie on blu ray get ready to say goodbye. For some inscrutable reason, as of July 2020 this version has the IMAX aspect scenes cut down to be in conformity with the rest of movie. This has apparently been the case with all of Christopher Nolan’s movies on iTunes and I do not understand it for the life of me. Is there actually demand for a diminished version of these movies on iTunes??? If you love the IMAX ratio better to keep your blu-rays and 4K Blu-ray’s.
  • Every off Moive

    By gfghghyy
    Kept you on your toes the whole time
  • One of DC best Movies

    The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie I’ve seen and it still is It may not feel like your normal SuperHero movie it’s not It’s better it’s darker it’s a Masterpiece It has one of the iconic Villains- The Joker The Joker was portrayed By the Late Health Leger He’s took this role and make it so amazing. Christoper Nolan is My 10 Most Amazing Directors. Any of his movies turn to Gold This move is a much Watch and it goes down as one of the best movies in History -ULTIMATE_MOVIE_GUY