Hope Springs

Hope Springs

Byr David Frankel

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2012-08-08
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 39min
  • Director: David Frankel
  • Producer: Gylden Entertainment
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
From 39 Certification


Kay (Meryl Streep) and Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) are a devoted couple, but decades of marriage have left Kay wanting to spice things up and reconnect with her husband. When she hears of a renowned couple’s specialist (Steve Carell) in the small town of Great Hope Springs, she attempts to persuade her skeptical husband, a steadfast man of routine, to get on a plane for a week of marriage therapy. Just convincing the stubborn Arnold to go on the retreat is hard enough – the real challenge for both of them comes as they try to re-ignite the spark that caused them to fall for each other in the first place.



  • Great movie, except for Streep

    By 700 Pages
    Streep is severely over rated, but the others in the movie were excellent. Great story, and you don't have to be over 60 to enjoy it.
  • home movie

    By George Dog
    Blah! 2 good talents wasted.
  • Hope Springs

    By DKC iTunes
    Not what I expected from two academy award winning actors. Maybe it was just a goofy story line.
  • Good one

    By Bellaandora
    I liked it its shows the view what happen in a long marriage it's cute movie
  • Dull / uncomfortable..

    By Seth's1111
    Really boring - wanted to like it .. mS is usually amazing but this was crap - we turned it off and rented another after wasting 40 minutes. You know.. You wait hoping it will get better but it doesn't...
  • Wonderful

    By Pat90732
    I love that Tommy Lee Jones has not had a bunch of 'work' done and looked the part so completely and so did Meryl Streep. No great hard bodies, nothing synthetic, just great comedy!
  • 4sure buy it

    By 5tootle
    I loved this movie I thought t was wonderful. What a cute loving story
  • Terrible

    By Tozpapa
    This movie is so labored, not worth watching even for free. I stopped watching about half way through. No chemistry between Streep and Jones. Hated it.
  • Surprised at how much I liked it!

    By Learnin-to-chill-out
    I was surprised at how much I loved this movie! It was sweet, touching, and fuuny, along with a tense combination of angst with hope (I know a movie was great when I'm still thinking about it the next day...) Meryl Streep was great, as she always is, but I wasn't expecting to enjoy Tommy Lee Jones in the character of Arnold because I'm used to liking him in the tough guy roles (what can I say, I still love watching him as Samuel Gerard ("The Fugitive") even after all these years...), but he won me over as such a real-life everyday guy that I felt like he could be my cranky uncle, who I may love but not especially like to be around. I went from finding Arnold completely annoying and wondering why Kay hadn't divorced him decades ago to actually liking him and seeing him a a person who just needed to break out of the trance/routine he'd been in for so long and let himself try (and feel) something new. The anger and difficulty with doing the therapy exercises - is so true to how therapy really is. You go in thinking something is pointless and impossible,and come out amazed that once you take those first few difficult steps you wonder why in the world you waited so long to try. They may be fictional characters, but I still hope they live happily ever after! This isn't just a movie for older folks as some people have suggested. I'm in my 40s and was touched by the love between the characters, and fascinated by the glimpse at what I may have in my future if I manage to trap and marry some poor man (again.) :) Hope to see Tommy Lee and Meryl together onscreen again soon!
  • Thoughtful

    By Caro-dream
    The acting was good as was the plot.