Born Rich

Born Rich

Byr Jamie Johnson

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release: 2003-01-19
  • Rate: NR
  • Lenght: 1h 7min
  • Director: Jamie Johnson
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
From 21 Certification


Jamie Johnson (twenty-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical empire) turns his camera on himself and ten of his friends, offering a remarkably personable documentary about one of the smallest and least-likely-to-agree-to-be-interviewed minorities on the planet: the children of the vastly rich.



  • Horrible

    By ssssnooopdawg
    Horrible all around doc. Annoying voices of characters, not to mention attrocious cinematography. No point to whole movie, doesnt even show you what they really do what their money and its obnoxious
  • Just terrible

    By Xxxx323422
    This doc was extremely obnoxious
  • the top of the heap

    By frinkle
    Not sure what other people's problem with this film is. These kids are living the life almost every fascit of our culture strives to attain. We are not a meritocracy. We like to thinks so, but we don't behave in a way that would permit a meritocracy. Capitalism is not meritocratic. We are complicit in the lust our society embodies. From pop to universities to religion, the culture aches for the consummation these young adults have. These kids are the satiation of that lust. And their lives are absolutely bizarre. They bear no relation to the rest of us. They are freaks and they are very aware of it. Their honesty may be be a bit galling to the rest of us. But too bad. This is the country you live in. Johnson does a superb job of making that point.
  • Interesting but….

    By franknbeans2
    It could have been better. Still interesting b/c it IS a unique perspective. What I don't understand is why they spend so much time fretting over what other people think of them?? The goal of everyone I know is to earn enough not care. These people with a few exceptions, are hugely concerned about what people think of them. Its a bizarre, very insecure world.
  • eeeh...

    By besouth
    With so much money, you would think that they could produce a better documentary. But, you'd be wrong. Perhaps, the message of the film is in the quality of it. Those ordained with wealth are not necessarily deserving of it, nor will they put it to good use.