Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels

Byr Rob Letterman

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2010-12-25
  • Rate: PG
  • Lenght: 1h 25min
  • Director: Rob Letterman
  • Producer: Dune Entertainment
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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In this contemporary re-imagining of Jonathan Swift's classic tale, Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black) is a struggling writer who works as a delivery person at the Times. To impress the travel editor, Gulliver ventures into uncharted waters and lands in a tiny civilization known as Lilliputians. Leading the Lilliputians to a victory over their neighboring nemesis, Gulliver comes to terms with his own shortcomings and emerges from his own little world.



  • Please just watch the original movie from 1996

    By Noooonnee
    This story is completely different from the original story I recommend to you watch the old version of gulliver's travels from 1996 Or just read the book I didn't find it on iTunes,you have to download it from torrents
  • Great movie

    By Believers will rise
    I love this movie it's so funny !!!!!
  • Great

    By G€f
    It's a good sit down with the family, It has Jack Black enough said. Great movie!!!!!
  • Movies

    By Dianaod
    Love it good and funnny
  • On the lighter side

    By Snickerboo66
    When viewing a movie with this actor in it, you can expect some quirky comedy and humor. I enjoyed watching this movie and it kinda made you wonder....what if. For those who gave this one a poor review, lighten up or go take a nap to pass the time. Want a laugh a bit, go ahead and rent. Enjoy!

    By Taytay ;)
    Look people jack black is awesome.Its not like you could do any better in acting .JEEZ. So just shut up its like I am looking at the reviews and all I see is people not liking it its SOO weird cuz I LOVE this movie .JEEZ ,people these days.:(
  • Funny

    By Jsnabakfbd
    I thought the wedgie was a nice touch
  • Very Poor

    By MovieLoon
    The movie was poor in concept and execution from start to finish. There is one scene where Mr. Black and Ms. Peet are dancing to the preditable and noxious use of a rock song. The scene is so badly done that it is embarrassing to even watch. This is a bad movie.
  • Kewl movie but...

    By Lani159
    It was just like night at the museum
  • Jack, move on, or move out!

    By Elfinstone
    JB seems to be stuck in School of Rock… still. Whether it's the producers who eternally canvas him in the goody-goody rebel character or if the guy's too lazy and thinks his fan base hasn't grown up, enough is enough. As exciting as any 2011 MTV show. Save your money and time.