Byr Alex Gibney, Eugene Jarecki, Heidi Ewing, Morgan Spurlock, Rachel Grady & Seth Gordon

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release: 2010-01-18
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 33min
  • Director: Alex Gibney, Eugene Jarecki, Heidi Ewing, Morgan Spurlock, Rachel Grady & Seth Gordon
  • Producer: Chad Troutwine Films
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
From 97 Certification


The best-selling book that dramatically changed the way we look at the world is brought to life by six of the most acclaimed directors of our time in a funny, thought-provoking & highly entertaining film.



  • Most of his freaky points have major flaws

    By Petrolero
    I am not going to tackle them here, but before you run off all breathless and tell people that Roe v. Wade caused a drop in crime 20 years hence, you should read Freedomnomics, in which most of Freakonomics is undone.
  • An interesting documentary, in a bad format

    By Rian G.
    For those of you who haven't read the book yet, it's basically a collection of how to have a different —or perhaps more numbers-oriented— perspective on statistics and the datas from statistical research. We do often hear how stats never show the reality right, and the authors try to explain what would be the "economists'" way to read those numbers. It's fairly interesting point for those who wondered how this statistical points should work. However, documentary based on the book, on the other hand, is simply weird. It jumps from one point to other: completely different mood, completely different topic, completely different people, and etc. Only possible way to determine I was watching the right film was the name of the chapter that appeared abut 5 minutes later the new chapter began, hence more confusing. If anyone is looking into watching one single chapter out of an entire documentary, I'd say you've found a right way to do it.
  • Nothing but the obvious

    By Sloan1919
    There is nothing insightful here. Just a lot of the obvious and often repeated observations about economics. I would have like to see something aimed at a slightly more informed audience similar to "The Undercover Economist" but instead this seems aimed at the complete novice. If you are not aware correlation is not equal to causation, statistics can identify cheating, or incentives change behavior then you might get some value from this. Everyone else shouldn't waste their time.
  • Meh

    By Liam arm
    This movie is interesting at points but some segments bothered me. It can be rasict at times, and really subtly reinforces stereotypes of blacks and whites. It also implies that poor people are less trashy while wealthy people are the opposite, when it talks about low income Ashely as "Trashley"
  • Awesome movie

    By Packerbacker1997
    This is a perfect documentary
  • Good film.

    By PDigital
    I thought this film was presented well, and enjoyed it a lot.
  • Clear left of center bias

    By Giff57
    OOOhhhh....(1) Rudy Giuliani didnt facilitate a reduction in crime in NYC, legalized abortion did (2) Stop naming your child Raheem-Tyrel and name him Barack Obama. (3) American capitalism and free markets are mistakenly held to enshrinement but are subject to corruption like Sumo wrestling in Japan (I actually agree with that one, but really, is that really all that profound?). Not that opining that the filmakers have a liberal bent and corresponding agenda should surprise anyone, but the writers make the erroneous claim to be unbiased observers of phenomena that simply present the data--yeah....-- interesting how that data always leads them to the political left. I didnt realize I was renting a Michael Moore film. Save your money on this one folks, it plays fast and loose with the data and is nothing more than propaganda masquerading as novelty and science.
  • Superficial, cutesy

    By KarlinNice
    Except for the Roe/Wade finding the rest was nothing new. Any home owner knows about the marginal payoff to realators of the last 10% of the sale price. Comparing cheaters in Sumo wrestling to Wall-street was not convincing. Lousy analogy. The self-congratulatory air of the the authors was a turn-off. Creating a back-story about the kid and the limo was cheesy. Save your $4 and skip this one.
  • Freakonomics

    By williamsjdjr
    I love listening to these guys. The Sumo wrestler bit went a little too long. Otherwise a very interesting and well produced movie.
  • Just OK...Could have been better

    By theFLASH02
    It started out well, but dissappointed as it went on. Didn't seem to have much effort put into the stories.