Gumball 3000: Coast to Coast

Gumball 3000: Coast to Coast

By Maximillion Cooper & Arlen Figgis

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2010-05-02
  • Advisory Rating: 18
  • Runtime: 1h 21min
  • Director: Maximillion Cooper & Arlen Figgis
  • iTunes Price: GBP 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 1.99
From 4 Ratings


Gumball 3000 Coast to Coast is a high speed action packed adventure full of high jinx antics filmed during the 8 days of the 2009 Gumball Rally from Los Angeles to Miami. From 'sandal skating on the freeway' to wild penthouse parties this road trip offers viewers a unique passenger ride experience on the worlds most exclusive road trip. Featuring over 100 amazing supercars; including a gold-plated $1.8 million Bugatti Veyron, custom Rolls Royce Phantoms, the world's fastest production car, the SSC Aero, the latest Nissan GT-R, Maximillion's ultra rare Jaguar XJ220S and more Ferraris, McLaren SLR's, Aston Martins, Bentleys and Lamborghinis than you've ever seen before! So buckle up alongside NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman, MTV Dirty Sanchez's Matt Pritchard, the fire breathing Fuel Girls, Cypress Hill s DJ Muggs, rock band Avenged Sevenfold, skateboarding supreme Tony Hawk, supermodel Caprice, British indie band The Enemy and UAE Royal Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani as they drive, party and endure 3000 gruelling miles!


  • Not all that

    By Akon only
    When I got the film I thought it would be like fast and furious but it's just following people in a car there's basically no action happening no point buying it

    By L€W¡$
    Maxamillion thanks for starting this is the highlite of my life can't wait till I'm older I'll join in on all the fun this is the best Gumball movie ever made love the cars :D
  • More

    By Johnnyafroman
    Should make more of the films, bit more in depths and get to see how they get brought from other countries to the start. But over all brill!
  • Panned

    By CJ .
    Pan Pan Pan
  • A Monster flop

    By Bloppo
    The most pointless film ever. Its just a huge advert for Monster and Puma. There are very few highlights and loads of pointless shots of people talking into the camera. You couldn't get much worse sorry. At 99p it can kill an hour or so without having to think too hard.
  • Not a Hollywood blockbuster.

    By joepane
    It's basically the highlights of the Gumball Rally. It shows clips of cars on the journey, of passengers and at various stops. There's no real action, just a bit of banter between drivers and the police. Don't expect a full Hollywood blockbuster, it's far from that. It's light hearted and a bit of fun, but only rent, don't buy. It's not worth more than 99p cos you won't want/need to watch it again.
  • Mr

    By Gkdteuf
    Crap full stop:(
  • Don't Bother

    By jasonwd
    Really, don't bother. Even if you are a really bored petrol head and fancy seeing people enjoying their supercars, don't. Even for 99p I get the strong impression it is a bunch of wealthy people trying to look like they are having fun whilst spending the whole 'film' driving slowly so they don't get harassed by the police.
  • Pretty impressed

    By gt4mayhem
    enjoyed very much! If you luv the other gumball rallies this is worth the 99p rental
  • Gumball 3000, 2009. Read this

    By Chris inc
    Without doubt the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. One hour of my life wasted. I simply cannot be scathing enough about this pile of celluloid doo doo. Seeing a bunch of alcohol fuelled morons is not insightful or at best entertaining. Apart from Dennis Rodman and Tony Hawk I didn’t recognize anyone. Who are those “15 minutes of fame” extras who are in the majority of the film??? Well for one I’m ashamed to say they’re British. They can’t even string a sentence together without saying “Party” or lacing it with profanity that makes absolutely no sense. Are these guys cool….no…they’re dicks. What can you expect to see……?? I’ll tell you, grown men peeing in water bottles whilst driving, getting speeding tickets, doing donutes etc etc… stuff aey (I’m being sarcastic). My opinion….DON’T buy this, DONT rent this, DON”T even download it for free!!! ….if you do then you’re just as bad as these mugs and deserve to be ripped off. Have a nice day.