When In Rome

When In Rome

Byr Mark Steven Johnson

  • Genre: Romance
  • Release: 2010-01-29
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 31min
  • Director: Mark Steven Johnson
  • Producer: Krasnoff Foster Productions
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 17.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 2.99
From 906 Certification


Bring home the must-own romantic comedy of the year, filled with wildly funny twists and turns! When Beth, an unlucky-in-love New York curator (Kristen Bell), takes a whirlwind trip to Rome for her sister's wedding, an unexpected crush takes her by surprise. Quickly let down, she defiantly plucks coins from the Fontana de Amore, magically igniting the passions of some comically unsuitable suitors. As a charming reporter (Josh Duhamel) becomes zealously smitten, Beth is skeptical that he's the real deal. Don't miss hilarious performances from an all-star cast you'll want to see again and again.



  • real stinker

    By Al Castino
    Stupid plot, not funny, bad acting, creepy characters. And terrible phony Italian accents. One of the worst movies I have seen in years.I was hoping at least for a lot of good views of Rome, but there is very little in this movie.
  • NO

    By McCarthy1492
    It was too sappy and rather upsetting. It had a few laughs but it lacked the common ways of a romantic comedy. Not worth the money spent. Didn't enjoy
  • One of my favorites!

    By Uhhmicah:)
  • Haters Gonna Hate

    By aalieb
    I love this movie!!! Everyone saying this movie is stupid is wrong! IT'S THE BEST!!!
  • When in Rome

    By Hhdcvjj
    Is a great movie!
  • Horrid

    By Camryn65358
    It is the most horrid movie I had ever seen!
  • I didn't read the reviews on Rotten Tomatos--don't make the same mistake!

    By Limited time rider
    I didn't read the reviews. I like Josh so I thought it would be worth watching, even though his movie track record is pretty deplorable. This movie is a HUGE waste of time and money. Don't spend a penny on it. I don't understand how it was every greenlit by Hollywood. It has not even the hint of a plot, no character development, and basically not one reason to have ever been made. Unless, someone actually had a cute idea (I can see where the pitch COULD have been cute). If that was the case, whoever wrote it and edited it into this mess should be taken out and publicly ridiculed--and banished from Hollywood. No acting was harmed by this movie, either--since there was obviously no acting allowed while the cameras were rolling. Someone needs to teach Hollywood execs the difference between a cute love story and tripe. They obviously are not clued in.
  • just terrible

    By movierater63
    If you want to watch a sucky movie look no further!!!!!
  • !!!!!!

    By Thisappisunique
    Love this movie! Really funny! Love Napoelon Dynamite as the magician! My fave part: when Josh in walking down the aisle and his phone starts ringing! Love this movie! Watch it!
  • Very funny,well made movie

    By Romancemovie lover23
    The whole cast was just so phenomenal and so funny , I truly enjoyed this with my sister every scene just kept me laughing.